Letter to the Editor: I support Cathy Baylor for Edmonds School Board


Cathy Baylor is an excellent candidate for the Edmonds School District Board of Directors. I’d like to tell you why I am voting for her.

I first met Cathy Baylor at a candidate’s meeting where she was seeking an endorsement. She answered the questions thoughtfully. Each of her responses included the aspect of inclusion for students from all backgrounds and particularly students of color; she really impressed me with her answers.

The Edmonds School District is an excellent school district for all of our students. That said, our students of color and our students who are newcomers to our country need to have someone like Cathy on the school board who will ensure that they will receive the same quality education as all of the rest of our students. During my time on the Edmonds School District Board, we would regularly question the principals about student performance in their schools and discovered that we had an opportunity gap for our students of color. This is a stubborn problem in all school districts. In my conversations with Cathy, since first meeting her, I am confident that she will continue to work on removing the opportunity gaps for our students and improving our students’ classroom experiences.

Please join me in supporting Cathy Baylor for Edmonds School Board, Position 4. We all benefit by having all of our students prepared for their next phase of life and that includes a solid education.

Susan Paine
Former Edmonds School Board Director

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