Letter to the Editor: Victoria’s Secret displays at Alderwood Mall in bad taste

A reader found the Victoria's Secret displays at the Alderwood Mall offensive.  (Photo by Lynnwood Today staff)
A reader found the Victoria’s Secret displays at the Alderwood Mall offensive. (Photo by Lynnwood Today staff)

Dear Editor:

I visited the Alderwood Mall on Tuesday morning and was greatly disturbed by the larger than life indecent advertising in the windows of Victoria’s Secret, Pink and Soma stores. I believe the scantily clad models were in bad taste and quite unseemly. This type of advertising goes beyond suggestive and borders on pornography.

The mall is a gathering place of multiple ages and I would be quite embarrassed to be there with family, friends or out of town guests. I find this type of advertising offensive and grossly immodest. I have shopped at two of these stores in the past and I would expect more from a shopping experience than to be confronted with this off-color advertising.

I will not be shopping those stores or any others at the mall, due to this shameless advertising, anytime soon.

I will be sharing this letter with the stores I mentioned as well as others who may have the authority to bring a more family environment back to our community.


Christine Frizzell

  1. How can we get reparations for illegal towing done by the Lynnwood police? My vehicle was towed when legally parked in front of my apartment where it is licensed. Tabs up to date. Insurance up to date. Why? Because i take the bus to work and haven’t driven the vehicle since Sunday? Apparently policeman R Robinson Badge#1472 sees a nice, cared for vehicle under a cover in a legal parking place and decides to place an extra monetary and personal burden me? Are the local police supposed to protect and serve? Or are they just shills adding tax dollars to the coffers? How is this right?

    1. Hi Keith, I looked up the city code to see if there was a time limit for parking. I did not see any time limit except for trailers. So even if there is a time limit on how long one can park on the street, it’s unclear. Your frustration is legit but calling out an individual in the tone of your comment is “bad taste”. That’s the only connection to the article you decided to comment on. The first two lines of your comment are very important and respectable. The rest of your post, I read as you venting. As you have a right for free speech but it comes with a cost. This venting has a negative impact on the relationship and trust between citizen’s and law enforcement. The men and women who sign up as policemen are human and will make mistakes, but don’t discredit their integrity to protect and serve because of unclear parking code enforcement.

      1. Calling out the police officer was not done in bad taste. I think Keith was spot on. Would you rather he blamed the whole department instead. All he did was state the facts in the situation in which he and officer R Robinson badge #1472 was involved in.

    2. Hi Keith,
      I’d like to follow up with you to get a little more information on this incident. We do not have an R. Robinson on the LPD force. Could you send me an email that includes the address and approximately what time this occurred? We’d like to research this a little more for you. You can reach me at jmoore@LynnwoodWA.gov or give me a call at 425-670-5023.
      Thank you, Julie Moore, Communications Manager

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