Letter to the editor: As a candidate, City Councilmember Sessions stands out


With the number of candidates running for council positions, there is one who has been there and stands out as the one who can get the job done. Shannon Sessions is seeking re-election for Council Position 7.

As a retired Army veteran and resident of Lynnwood for 37 years, I appreciate what she has done locally and regionally. She is a champion to the local veteran community and has been involved with a number of community projects as a Rotarian. As a former military firefighter, she can handle the heat inside the council chambers or out in the public. She is a true advocate for Hero’s Cafe and the Northwest Veterans Museum. Shannon has worked closely with Mayor Smith and other leaders to form a Veterans Task Force.

She and her husband have raised a beautiful family of young adults who, like Shannon, attended or currently attend Lynnwood schools. She has worked for improvements at Veterans Park and her family members have participated in Memorial Day and Veterans Day services there. Her passion to help others in a time of need was a given,when she was appointed as Executive Director for Support 7.

Both she and her husband are fellow lifetime members of VFW Post 1040. Lynnwood needs to move forward with the influx of new residents, upstart businesses, public safety, light rail and traffic. Shannon Sessions is the experienced councilmember who will meet that challenge.

Richard Clark