Letter to the Editor: Ed’s Surplus & Marine to close brick & mortar store

To our dear friends & neighbors,

Nearly 60 years ago, two brothers (Bob and Ed) came together to bring their dreams to fruition by opening a store to share their love of military surplus and the great outdoors. Over the years, the business has been passed down from parent to child, and several generations later, we are proud of the legacy we have built.

Many of you have shopped with us for decades, some of you are new to the fun and funky place that is Ed’s, some of you may have driven by a hundred times and know us as a local landmark. You may only visit us once per year for your fishing license, a unique piece for a Halloween costume, or the perfect gear for your camping trip. Or you might be one of our regulars who loves to come in just to share how big the fish you caught on our lures was. Whoever you are, you’ve been a part of our community that has grown for more than half a century.

That being said, our little old shop has finally been hit with the realities of the 21st century and have made the difficult decision to close our brick & mortar location and move all sales to our online site – www.edssurplus.com.

Our family is grateful for the years of fish stories and “did you see the size of those antlers!” We are grateful for your patronage which has provided livelihoods for generations of our friends and family, dating back to the 1950s. We are grateful for every opportunity we had to help you embrace your love of the outdoors.

Our final day in this location will be Oct. 31. Please come see us before that date, and after that, we’ll see you online!

With all our love and gratitude,
Shawn, Cammy, and Donna Winters

  1. That’s to bad its closing its very rare store
    Always cool walk in n talk to everyone an get stuff from to
    Hopfuuly online store helps out as much as the store did but it won’t be the same thoew

  2. NOOOO!! While I understand it’s what you need to do, it’s tough to see another Lynnwood Icon go away! I’m 53 yrs old, and Ed’s has been a part of Lynnwood as long as I can remember. Change is hard, I can’t imagine another business in YOUR building! I have great memories of Ed’s. Thank you for all your years in Lynnwood! Change really does suck in so many ways 🙁

  3. I have bought military costume pieces from Ed’s Surplus for 20 years now. I have always enjoyed going into your store and the helpful people who work there. The theater community will miss you. Doris Black

  4. My twin brother Mike and I practically lived in Ed’s. Still have my Franchi 12ga shotgun I bought there. Tons of fishing gear, decoys, nato winter wool pants… you name it you had it:).I even sold some of my flies to you.
    Hugh Calliow was always nice and tolerated us and our zillion questions.
    Thanks for the memories and the value you brought to Lynnwood!

  5. Growing up in Lynnwood we always stopped by just to check out the cool store! I’ve taken all my friends and children there to shop for fire starters and MREs. I’m truly going to miss all the amazing smiling faces and the awesome pin board. Ohh and the old guns and uniforms on the wall! I wish you guys the best and hope one day Ed’s will have another store! Thanks for all the memories!!!

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