Letter to the Editor: Nick Coelho will be a new voice for Lynnwood

Dear Editor,

I am writing to shine a light on a new voice in Lynnwood that will make sure all residents are heard with honesty and integrity.

I campaigned alongside Nick Coelho this Summer, and in the time that I have known him, he has consistently shown himself to be a strong advocate of smart growth and social equity. Spending time with him also revealed his values as a team player, always treating others with respect and eager to form productive and collaborative relationships among colleagues and his community. 

As a small business owner here in Lynnwood, he is dedicated to improving the economic strength of our city. His experience and enthusiasm will help us responsibly grow into a prosperous, vibrant city that will be a model for our region. I know of his support for the LGBTQ+ and other minorities in his private life, which is important in continuing to be an inclusive city and will serve our residents well.

He is running to truly make a difference in our lives, and to make sure with his fresh perspective that our council remains forward looking. I chose to run for office earlier this year because I believed in the vital importance of supporting Lynnwood’s strategic plan and community vision. Nick also know the ingredients are all there for a bright future, and his dedication to it is uncompromising. 

I urge Lynnwood voters to cast their vote for Nick Coelho for City Council Position 6 in the upcoming general election. 

Naz Lashgari