Letter to the Editor: Reject Proposition 1

Dear Editor:

Proposition 1, a .3 percent increase in Retail Sales and Use Tax and on our ballots in the Transportation Benefit District this November, will increase taxes to all shoppers at Alderwood Mall, restaurant customers, anyone buying a car, business owners who purchase equipment and supplies for their companies and more if approved by voters.

Proposition 1 will increase the subsidies that 100 percent of us pay for the 3 percent who ride Community Transit and their inefficient spending.

Supporters of Proposition 1 would have us all believe that the City of Lynnwood endorsed the .3 percent tax increase when in fact Sid Roberts, Lynnwood’s representative on CT’s board, spoke out against it (he deserves to be reelected).

A 40-foot bus with four passengers on board running down the highway in its own designated lane increases congestion. Supporters want us to believe otherwise.

There is no sunset clause on Proposition 1 which means that if voters approve the .3 percent tax increase it will be with us long after the Gregorson/Liias duo leaves the stage.

Reject Proposition 1.

Jeff Scherrer

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