Letter to the editor: Shannon Sessions deserves another term on city council

Dear Editor,

Shannon Sessions belongs on the Lynnwood City Council again. Her integrity, her leadership and her character qualities are exceptional. I served for a season on the Lynnwood City Council and understand the complexity of the job.  Shannon has the temperament, the emotional bandwidth and real life experience to handle the difficult decisions that are inherent to the council position.

I remember when Shannon was first approached to run for city council. Serving on the city council wasn’t on her bucket list and she was very busy being a mom of five and was running a small business. But when the Lynnwood citizens informed her that she was needed on the council, she sacrificially said yes. Shannon displayed the same courage to serve the the citizens of Lynnwood as when she said yes and joined the US Air Force and served our country.

Shannon Sessions was raised in the Lynnwood area and has stayed connected to the community. She is married to a prince, Keith Sessions, a firefighter for South County Fire. Shannon also previously served the Lynnwood Police department as the PIO. I trust her completely. Shannon is life wise; she has street credibility and belongs on the Lynnwood City Council again. Her skills and character are badly needed there and I endorse her wholeheartedly.

Sid Roberts