Letter to the editor: To those planning to quit rather than get a COVID shot

Dear bus drivers and others planning to quit your job over the vaccine mandate:

This is the second pandemic I’ve lived through. I knew several people who died of AIDS back in the day. And in under two years, COVID-19 has taken almost as many American lives as AIDS did in two decades. I know many people who have gotten COVID, and a couple who have died from it. Just this weekend, a friend of my husband’s died of COVID-19, leaving behind family and friends who loved and relied on him, including a small daughter. He was not vaccinated and when he got sick, he died.

Please, I am begging you to choose life and get the vaccine. I’m not saying this as a representative of the school district. I’m just worried sick for you and your families. Maybe your COVID won’t be that bad. But for at least one or two of you, it will be an agonizing, lonely road, and you’ll probably die at the end of it. You’ll leave behind family and friends, work buddies, students, and people you never even knew cared about and relied on you.

Get the vaccine, please. And may your name be inscribed in the Book of Life.

– – Deborah Kilgore, Lynnwood resident, wife and mother of three, Edmonds School Board Director 


  1. Interesting to consider that as many Americans have died of COVID in 2 years as died of AIDs in 2 decades. Wow. So sad, so many deaths that didn’t have to happen.

  2. Deborah Kilgore’s letter was eloquent. I, too, ask the unvaccinated to choose life- life for them, their families, those they contact in their work, and for all of us.
    In my day, it was the miraculous Polio Vaccine that we welcomed. For my sister and several friends, Polio Vaccine came too late.
    Now we have a miraculous, scientifically safe, and easy way to end the growing scourge of Covid that threatens us all–the vaccinated and the unvaccinated as the virus continues to mutate.
    Please, listen to the last agonizing words of unvaccinated patients as they plead with you to be vaccinated. They tell you their decision to skip the vaccine was a horrible mistake and they are now paying, for it as their lives, hopes, loves, and dreams of a happy life end. They beg you to reconsider, as they agonizingly take their last breaths with lungs full of fluid. It’s a horrible way to die. Please choose life. Get vaccinated, PLEASE!

  3. Monday: 10/04/2021

    Deborah is a “Word- Smith”. Her message is Valid!! If you are not Vaccinated she is trying to save your Life!. She is also trying to save the lives of my school age Grand Children and Your Grand Kids!

    I am a Healthy 76 yrs old! Vaccines are on of the primary reason I am alive and active today! I was in the first group of school kids to receive the Polio Vaccine in 1949. Subsequently I was Vaccinated for all the childhood diseases. The Marine Corps added lots of additional Vaccinations. Since than I have added Shingles, Pneumonia, and of course Covid19 Vaccine. The only adverse Effect i suffered was a sore arm!!

    If you have a fear of needles? “Get over it”. If you are concerned with your personal freedoms, have no fear, we veterans have already protected them . The Covid19 Vaccine is free and convenient to obtain. Go For It!

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