Letter to the editor: What special interests are working against Sen. Chase?


The effort to defeat Senator Chase in this election has expended over $120,000. A substantial amount of that represents contributions by Monsanto, Chevron, pharmaceutical interests, charter schools, developers, and real estate agents.

They use relentless attacks by The Seattle Times in their effort to to defeat Senator Chase.

Why are they doing this? They expect a return on investment. They want you to hire and pay for someone to work for them.

  • Monsanto probably wants no restrictions on their poisons.
  • Chevron probably wants no restrictions on their fossil fuels.
  • Pharmaceutical interests probably want no Medicare for all.
  • Charter school interests probably want to give your taxes to corporations to use as investment to make profit.
  • Developers probably want zoning for higher density housing so the “value” of your house raises, your taxes raise with that “value,” and you are forced to sell to them.
  • Real estate interests probably want the commission from the sales by owners taxed out of their houses.
  • The Seattle Times probably wants the advertising revenue from all these interests.

Don’t be fooled by the smear campaign: lies, deception, and innuendo. Those funding the smear campaign to defeat Maralyn Chase want money, specifically your money. Some want your home in the process.

Maralyn Chase represents the people of her district and of the state, not the interests that want to take advantage of and make money from her constituents.

Vote for Maralyn Chase, Senator, 32nd Legislative District. She will work for you, not against you.

Thomas White
Mountlake Terrace

  1. What lies? Everything is true. Chase takes per diem without traveling which is literally taking people tax dollars without doing the work. This is just fact, no probably about it. I don’t like smear campaigns, but at least it’s a smear campaign based in truth. Sorry you don’t like it but I don’t like politicians who take from the people that they supposedly represent.

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