Letter to the Editor: Why I won’t be shopping at Costco’s new location in Lynnwood

Dear Editor:

I was so pleased to hear that Costco is opening a brand new store in Lynnwood. Being so close to Alderwood Mall meant that, starting next month, I could do all of my shopping in one easy trip. And of course you can’t beat those prices.

However, I have since decided that there is something more important to me than convenience. Costco stated eight years ago that it would move away from confining egg-laying hens in tiny cages, and that its future was cage-free. Surprisingly, I discovered this fact after watching an undercover video which depicted the deplorable conditions in which Costco’s hens continue to suffer today, crammed into cages so small that they cannot even spread their wings.

A couple of weeks ago, McDonald’s announced its commitment to sourcing exclusively cage-free eggs. Before that, Burger King did the same. So have Red Robin, Sodexo, Aramark, and Compass Group: the largest food service companies in the country. With the industry charging forward, why is Costco letting itself fall behind?

I will drive another five, ten, 15 miles to do my grocery shopping. It is more important to me that I support a company that values animal welfare.

Catherine Liguori

  1. By the time Costco opens its new store I will be enjoying the opening of my new WinCo in town on 220th ( old top foods store ) It’s a lot cheaper then all the other stores in town.
    All ya have to do is bag your own groceries.. That’s Easy

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