Local rescue seeking foster home for black lab

This black lab needs a foster home in Lynnwood so he can see a surgical specialist to fix an abscess on his ear.

A local rescue is looking for a foster home in Lynnwood for a black lab.

Old Dog Haven estimates the lab is 8-12 years old. He is not yet neutered and has an abcess under one of his ears.

The rescue believes the dog will need to see a surgical specialist and will need aggressive care before and afterward.

“This guy is young enough that if the ear were fixed, he might be adoptable,” Old Dog Haven posted on its Facebook page, “but he cannot leave the shelter without our help.”

The dog is described as good with other dogs and has a generally mellow temperament.

If you would like to foster this dog, you should be prepared to make repeat vet visits, do some nursing and be willing to help find an adopter if his ear can be fixed. He may end up needing hospice care if his ear cannot be fixed.

For more information about fostering this dog, visit this website and sent them an email.

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