Lynndale Elementary families volunteer to clear weeds on campus

(Left to right): Lynndale Elementary School volunteers Zachara Hoffman, Stephanie Parker and Alec Mitts. Photos courtesy of the Edmonds School District)

When Lynndale Elementary PTA mom Claudette Meyer noticed last June how overgrown with weeds the school grounds had become during the pandemic, she decided to take action.

With support from the PTA, Meyer organized a raffle as an incentive for Lynndale families to pitch in to spruce up the campus.

For every hour a family spent pulling weeds, their name went into a drawing for a prize basket. The PTA held a weekly drawing. By early August all families who’d helped pull weeds were entered into the bonus grand prize round for additional prizes. 

Volunteers also posted videos to Facebook with drawings in action where they’d also share how many hours volunteers had put in. Meyer’s efforts resulted in families pitching in 83 hours weeding and Boy Scout Troop 304 added another 125 volunteers.

“We tried to create engagement over the campaign,” Meyer said. “You just do what you can when you can and make a little difference and hopefully a big difference.”

  1. Wow. What a creative way to get the community involved! I’m very impressed with the hands on approach Lynndale has to all of their school projects. A great example for the other schools in the school district.
    Great job Claudette Meyer!!!

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