Lynnwood City Council candidate alleges opponent tampered with campaign literature

Julieta Altamirano-Crosby

With the Aug. 6 primary election deadline less than a week away, the campaign of one Lynnwood City Council candidate has accused another of removing the candidate’s literature left on people’s front doors and replacing it with her own.

Candidate Julieta Altamirano-Crosby filed a report with the Lynnwood Police Department July 31 that accuses opponent Rosamaria Graziani’s campaign of tampering with Altamirano-Crosby’s campaign flyers.

Both candidates are campaigning for the open Position 5 seat on the council.

Lynnwood Police Commander Sean Doty confirmed Thursday that the report had been filed, and that it “alleged a juvenile associated with a campaign rival had removed several campaign flyers from some residences near the 18000 block of 38th Ave. W.”

Rosamaria Graziani

MarSue Calleros, a volunteer for Altamirano-Crosby’s campaign, reported witnessing an adolescent boy with Graziani’s flyers in his hands approach multiple houses in a cul-de-sac located near 188th Street Southwest and 38th Avenue West, where she and Altamirano-Crosby had just placed campaign flyers. The boy allegedly then removed Altamirano-Crosby’s flyers and replaced them with Graziani’s. Calleros said she told police that Graziani was sitting in her parked car, and that she saw the boy run back to that car after replacing the flyers.

Altamirano-Crosby was not present at the time of the incident, having left before the boy and Graziani arrived, Calleros said.

Typically, the type of activity being alleged is covered via the state law (RCW 29A.84.040) governing the removal or defacing of political advertising, which are misdemeanors, Doty said.

When reached for comment, Graziani denied sending anyone to remove Altamirano-Crosby’s flyers.

“We did not take any flyers,” she said. “That is slander and I take my reputation very serious.”

Instead, Graziani said she believes the flyers were taken inside by the residents after Altamirano-Crosby and Calleros had left.

“We only saw two flyers and we left them where they were,” she said. “So, I am assuming that the flyers were already taken.”

This is not the first time during the 2019 election season that the candidates have had issues. In late May, Graziani filed a voter registration challenge with the Snohomish County Auditor’s office against Altamirano-Crosby, alleging she was a Mukilteo resident who only recently moved to Lynnwood and did not meet the year-long residential requirement to run for an elected position in the city. However, the auditor’s office dismissed the challenge two days later.

Altamirano-Crosby’s campaign manager Jeanne Crevier said that Altamirano-Crosby plans to pursue criminal charges against Graziani. Altamirano-Crosby was also advised to take the allegations to the Lynnwood City Council, because the incident is a political matter, Crevier said.

–By Cody Sexton

  1. I totally deny these accusations. I even sent you a picture of a family on that street who had received Crosby’s flyers, so obviously her flyers got to the intended homes. What a frivolous police report for a loss of less than $1 (one dollar)! Evidently, Ms. Crosby has time to waste. Unfortunately, the police don’t.

  2. Wow ! Big city scandal in little Lynnwood ? The real issue to me is the Altamirano-Crosby campaign. The move from Mukilteo, her charity, those that endorsed her campaign..etc. Rosamaria Graziani has some politicians worried. Rosamaria’s thoughts on Lynnwood’s high taxes and wasteful spending ( $120,000+ staff lunches etc) Looks like the little city Lynnwood political machine doesn’t like being exposed by Rosamaria Graziani.

  3. How people can accept RosaMaria using students for political gain is beyond me. Children should be enjoying the summer not being a source of free labor.

  4. Just because of this petty allegation, my family will not support the crybaby! Put your big girl panties and learn how dirty politics can be ….. unless you have actual proof you should know better than to bog the system with bogus allegations!

  5. That’s why you mail your propaganda so it doesn’t tag homes for people who are on vacation. I will never do business or vote for anyone who engages in door to door solicitation. Pay the 40 cents and advertise via US Mail.

  6. Work place of the most corrupt cops known to create and escalate a situation just because they have nothing better to do.

  7. What this article fails to say is Lynnwood Today should be ashamed of the bias reporting it is doing to jeopardize Rosamaria. Rosamaria was at the Lynnwood debate along with the “Doc” However, JULIETA COULD NOT be bothered with coming to meet the citizens of Lynnwood. So if you look at the article about the debates you will clearly see that there is no mention or video of position number 5.
    Big money does not want Rosamaria since she speaks for the vulnerable in Lynnwood.
    As for literature drops. I would much rather have the candidate come to my door to speak with me personally about Lynnwood then mail me propaganda saying how great they are and to believe the lies. I want to engage with the candidates.
    Keep in mind Julieta hit piece is coming from Florida. Look at the stamp!!

      1. Was not looking for it 2 weeks later. Was looking for it with the article.

        1. Understood. The church graciously agreed to videotape the forum for free and it took a while for processing. We appreciate their help.

  8. I was just called and asked to read this article. The accusation, if true, is damming but if someone suborned perjury then that is a criminal offence for both the person suborning perjury and the person committing the crime.
    Can Julieta Altamirano-Crosby prove her accusation in court? Is she and Calleros ready to stand up in court and swear they are telling the truth knowing that if they are lying they could spend many years in jail? Or is this a political stunt in which they think the Lynnwood Police will protect them assisting in a criminal endeavor?
    While I hope this is a political tactic albeit an unethical one, I hope the police are doing a FULL, impartial and ethical investigation.

  9. Oh, in regards to Ms. Lunsford’s comment about Rosemarie’s use of students, I am thrilled to hear that they are involved. My son, as a student, was involved in helping candidates he supported get elected. He took great pride in volunteering to help the political candidates he supported.
    So my question, Ms. Lunsford, why are you so against students getting involved in politics?
    Why do wish to silence them?

  10. Mr. Senter I am happy with political candidates wanting to talk to me. You learn a lot about a candidate when you talk with them and ask questions. Besides if it’s good enough for members of Congress to take the time to come and knock on my door then it shouldn’t be beneath those running for local office.
    If you don’t want to talk to them fine but don’t assume to the rest of us want to remain uninformed.

    1. I agree! I am actually much happier to chat in person with someone running for a local election, than someone canvassing for national ones. I *want* them to knock on my door! Where else do you get the chance to express concerns directly to the person who might be in a position to address them, and who (if they’re a good candidate) actually wants to listen and form their policies based on what they hear?

  11. Sheri, or should I say Dr. Conner it does not take a PhD to know the ethics of why teachers are not allowed to use students under 18 in their campaigns. Having kids political involved is one thing, having them wave signs and run around door to door as free labor in the heat to personally get elected is vile.
    Marylou, Rosa Maria did not show up to the very same debate last year. The hypocrisy is obnoxious.

  12. Again Elizabeth you are sorely misinformed. She did show up to the Edmonds Community College debate that was 2 years ago. Not last year. However, she did miss one debate due to a death in her family. It wasn’t because she didn’t want to like Julieta. You must be getting quite a kick back from the big money people.

  13. There has only been one forum, the forum RosaMaria did a no show and sent a rep last time she ran. Marylou what position do you have friends running for and plan to use RosaMaria students as free labor? Because the candidates that endorse her have all had campaign literature sent out to households on the backs of minors. It’s gross and it need’s to stop. Hopefully this investigation will put an end to the unethical “work horse” that your group of friends love to praise.

  14. You are getting candidates mixed up again. It was Julieta who sent someone to speak for her because she didn’t want to come to talk with us directly.
    As for free labor…..That Elizabeth is called volunteering. Volunteers are all ages, young and old.
    If you are so upset about it. You should have a talk with your big money buddy Shannon Sessions.
    She uses kids “Child labor” all the time. Don’t hear you screaming about that…Hypocrite.
    As for the “investigation” Don’t you think it was pretty low of Julieta to use Lynnwood Today to do her dirty work for her instead of contacting Rosamaria directly about it? I do! Makes me wonder what kind of crap would go on if she got elected.

  15. Ms. Lunsford, you never complained when Shannon Sessions’ children and their friends waved signs for her. Evidently, this means you are biased.
    Besides, let me remind you that I don’t teach at a public school. I teach at Academia Latina and LETI. Attending these lessons is totally optional. I don’t get paid one cent for my classes and I provide most books and materials for free, I take my students and their parents to see movies, musicals, museum exhibits, Symphony concerts, plays, ballets, I take them on nature walks, to Pump It Up and Elevated Sportz, all on my dime, so our relationship is more like family than teacher-student. Many of my students’ parents work long hours to make ends meet (especially in the summer), so they barely have time to spend with their children, and they are ecstatic to have them spend the day with me. If you don’t like your children waving signs, then don’t have them wave signs. As simple as that. Other people think differently.

  16. I did not attend the Lynnwood Today forum two years ago because my sister-in-law was dying and I had to fly to Peru to support my nieces and brother, who also had terminal cancer. Compared that to my opponent missing the debate because of a “preparatory” meeting, not the meeting itself, and Olympia is only 2 hours away. She could have left early and attend the debate if she wanted. If you don’t see the difference between HER reasons for not attending and MINE, other sensible people will.

  17. If you don’t see the difference of people’s own children wave signing versus their students, other sensible people will. Let me remind you exactly the first time we spoke and you told me that you had many people that owed you favors. Students and their family should never feel obligated to own their teacher anything, especially work for them for free. I’m sorry for your lost but I didn’t care then or now that you didn’t attend a forum. The grasping of straws to try to tear down your opponent to build yourself up can only get you so far. We will see Aug 6th how far it gets you.

    1. Ms. Lunsford, I saw Shannon’s children and their children’s friends waving signs, not just HER children. And I am OK with that. It’s good for minors to be civically involved. By the way, it is my adult friends who bring their children to my campaign events. It’s their decision. And concerning your comment about people owing me favors, I’ve talked to you ONCE in my life, because YOU asked me to meet you at Starbucks. You came with your son and started crying hysterically. The people at Starbucks were concerned about you. I don’t know what was going on with you that day, but I doubt you remember well what I said. First of all, my students owe me nothing.I never say that and never will. It is a privilege and a joy to teach them. I love them like family. Some love me back, some don’t. The kind of support I get from my friends (some of them current and former students), money can’t buy. You assume incorrectly that only my students support me in my campaign. Lots of neighbors and friends do too. Just look at the pictures in FB, people of all origins support me, rain or shine. You are just bitter that my opponent claimed to have that kind of support and she doesn’t.

      1. Rosa Maria we talked MANY times, we led the Caidud dance event togethor, it was just you and me who organized the event. You know the one where in front of two of your young female students you said how the girl who was having the quinceanera at the same park at the same time of our event that you would never approve a scholarship to the girl having the party because she spent so much money on her quinceanera. We discussed how it was cultural important, you said it was wasteful. You are correct on one thing, how you treat people has made me cry many times. I don’t know how I couldn’t be sad about this latest stint of using this poor boy.

  18. As for the “investigation” Don’t you think it was pretty low of Julieta to use LYNNWOOD TODAY to do her dirty work for her instead of contacting Rosamaria directly? This is like playground antics. Something I would expect from a child. Not and adult. The community is waking up to the big money low down politics that you are associated with.
    I’m voting for Rosamaria Graziani. We need her to fight for our diverse community.

  19. The fights between these two candidates are distracting from the real issues facing our city. I have based all of my voting decisions on the candidates’ presentations at the forum. The fact that Altamirano-Crosby chose to attend another event left me with a negative impression, as if she is taking Lynnwood residents’ votes for granted, or considers the city less important than her other priorities, however impressive they may be. If there’s one thing you have to show up to, it’s a community Q&A! Graziani may seem more rough around the edges, but she’s willing to fight and tell uncomfortable truths. The audience knew exactly what she and “Doc” Schirle stood for at the forum; however different their views might be they were both authentic. Altamirano-Crosby dialed in a rote statement (basically “see my web site”) read by a friend who was instructed not to take questions. She has only recently moved to Lynnwood, has many campaign donations from outside the city, and it’s hard not to feel she doesn’t care as much as the other candidates who, even if I disagree with some of their visions for our city’s future, come across as people who are more embedded in the city and accessible to its residents’ concerns. I am happy to be disagreed with (respectfully please!) by someone who supports her.

    1. Hi Louisa,
      This “fight” is very one-sided. The only thing Julieta did to RosaMaria is file a police report when her opponent had a minor commit a misdemeanor. I worked with both candidates since 2016 on volunteer projects for the City of Lynnwood. RosaMaria is very aware of the Latino Art Club that Julieta spearheaded because she complained about it being on Saturdays. So this narrative that Julieta is new to Lynnwood is false.

      The allegations of RosaMaria using her students for political gain were around way before I became involved with the city. If I were to address every “hard truth” that RosaMaria has said and show how twisted or false they are, I would be writing all week.

      I know that Julieta made a prior commitment for a state wide planning committee. The date of the forum was announcement maybe a month before the date. The meeting that Julieta attended will benefit Lynnwood without having the City having to invest a dollar, it consisted of community leaders gathering on their own time to discuss solutions about the problems that every city has. However, that just extra information and you are entitled to have that decide your vote.

      The fact is both candidates have been very involved with the City way before me. Julieta has established many positive relationship across the city, county and state where Rosamaria has built many relationships like the one she and I have. She can try to discredited me, but the fact is Lynnwood is where I have decided to raise my family. I have spent hundreds of hours volunteering to make a welcoming, safe and responsible city. I’m not going any where and I am not going to have someone who has threaten me leave me silent. Knowing that others fear if they were to speak out on their experiences with her, I must stand up and speak out.

      Louisa I respect your reasoning to vote, I will never respect that candidate. Thank you for being engaged!

      1. Thank you for the additional information and the link. It is hard to see through the rhetoric and this is helpful as I make up my mind on this position.

        1. No problem! It’s practically impossible to see through the rhetoric. The only reason I know about these candidates is because I have experienced them first hand. Voting is hard, there is nothing easy about it. Good luck!

  20. Ms. Lunsford, thank you for your comment. Your hatred is very obvious and it appears you will do and say anything to harm others. I don’t know why you are so full of hatred and use every possible social media site to spread this hatred. My background is in health care and what I am reading from you leaves me very concerned as your comments are more disturbing rants than actual “concern or wanting to inform your neighbors.”
    Also, please do not try to contact me directly. Your comments are far too disturbing and I will follow the advice I have been given by the law enforcement officers I have worked with over the years.

    1. Sheri Conner, you’re welcome. I will remain unapologetic to those who take advantage of children. It’s a good call that you’re taking advice from law enforcement maybe your friends should too. Have a lovely week.

  21. ROSAMARIA GRAZIANI is what we need in Lynnwood. She sure woke up all the hateful ones trying to sabotage her campaign. The city of Lynnwood needs to be held accountable for it’s taxing and spending. I think ROSAMARIA is a fighter willing to stand up to the bullies.


    Elizabeth Lundsford. I believe you may wish to have the link you posted removed for the following reasons.

    1. The link YOU POSTED is an internal link. If you go to the City’s web site there are no longer links to the non-existent Diversity Commission. Meaning you have posted an internal link that is not public for very good reason.
    2. The link YOU POSTED contains personal information as well as information that may make you liable for defamation.
    3. Lastly as a current Arts Commissioner your behavior in exposing the City and a potential Candidate like this is very unbecoming of the spirit of Inclusion and Diversity where ALL ARE WELCOME.

    I would encourage you to both remove the link and also apologize to Rosamaria for this very personal and unprofessional attack. Your behavior and tone is not becoming of someone who represents the City as a Commissioner.

    DISCLAIMER: I am not a lawyer, just a good risk manager.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    1. Ian cotton the minutes are online for anyone to access. Thank you for the good laugh. I really can’t tell if you’re being serious or if it’s satire. Either way I find it hilarious.

      1. Good afternoon Elizabeth. Wrong again. I find it concerning that you consider this a laughing matter. Shame on you.

        The minutes to the now decommissioned Diversity Commission are not available on-line. They are not listed under the City’s Boards and Commissions, and the link returns a 403 Forbidden Access error.

        You have posted sensitive documents from what I can only assume is a secured server.

        Please read LMC 2.94.070.B. and consider your duties as a Commissioner within the City. Your behavior is concerning and the flippant way in which you treat personal information made available to you as a Commissioner is also concerning.

        1. You’re right, this is not a laughing matter. This is now very serious. The way you are addressing me as my council member is extremely inappropriate. It’s not my fault that you have been on council for 6 years and don’t know how to use the city’s website.

  23. Elizabeth,

    I’m addressing the concerning posting of previous Commissioner personal information and communications by YOU.

    Again, please read my first comment. You can deflect all you want.

    If you want to debate stay on topic. You don’t get to play the victim card when it’s YOUR actions that are being discussed.


      1. Thanks Ian,
        Now scroll down on the website that you so proudly posted and learn how to use the internet.

        1. OK everyone. I am pretty sure that Mr. Cotton and Ms. Lunsford have each other’s email addresses so they can continue this dialogue offline. This conversation is no longer serving our readers and I am locking this thread down.

  24. Council member Cotton,
    The link I provided is straight from the city website. Which is what I meant by saying it is online. What am I deflecting? Now I’m curious, what do you think is the topic?

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