Lynnwood City Council passes ban on shipping containers in residential zones


The Lynnwood City Council unanimously passed an ordinance that bans shipping containers as accessory structures in residential zones during its May 11 meeting.

The amendment to the zoning code, adds a definition for “shipping container” and prohibits the use of shipping containers as accessory structures within single-family and multi-family residential areas. The ordinance is area-wide and is not site-specific.

Prior to the May 11 action, Lynnwood’s current code did not prohibit shipping containers.

The Council also acted upon Fire Chief’s Scott Cockrum’s request to have two Councilmembers involved in the City’s talks with Snohomish County Fire District 1 about a possible merger/consolidation.

Though two Councilmembers volunteered, the Council decided that the issue was of such interest and importance that the entire Council would be involved in the discussions with Fire District as much as possible, with the understanding that there may be times when some Councilmembers may not be able to attend certain meetings.

The Council also issued a proclamation declaring May 17-23 as Public Works Week and the month of May as Historic Preservation and Recognition Month.


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