Lynnwood City Council passes ordinance to prohibit tobacco use in parks

Lynnwood became the fourth city in Snohomish County to prohibit the use of tobacco in its parks.

The City Council unanimously approved an ordinance prohibiting smoking tobacco products in city parks. The amended section of the ordinace states that “No person shall smoke, light or otherwise use any tobacco product in any public park.” The ordinance included cigarettes, cigars, pipes or other lighted smoking equipment. Smokeless tobacco also is included in the ban.

Lake Stevens, Marysville, Sultan and Mill Creek have laws against smoking in parks. Eleven Snohomish County cities, including Edmonds and Mountlake Terrace, have adopted tobacco-free parks proclamations.

The issue of including marijuana in the ban was raised by Councilmember Kerri Lonergan-Dreke, who noted that the ordinance did not address the use of marijuana.

Several of Lonergan-Dreke’s colleagues noted that the recent passage of Initiative 502, which legalized small amounts of marijuana for most adults, has resulted in some uncertainty at the state level.

Councilmember Mark Smith said that he supported a total ban on smoking in parks, including marijuana, but felt that it would be in the best interests of the city to pass the proposed ordinance as is and revisit the issue as soon as the city receives some clarity from the state.

Councilmember M. Christopher Boyer echoed Smith’s comments.

“Marijuana is covered by state law,” he said. “State law is in flux. We don’t know for sure what the state is going to do.”

Boyer added that he too supported Lonergan-Dreke’s aim.

Lonergan-Dreke urged the council not to let the issue of marijuana use in parks go by the wayside.

“If this is really about wanting what’s best for our community and our kids, then going easy on marijuana is not the right way in my opinion,” she said.



  1. “Unanimously?!” Strip people of one more freedom for no good reason! And please, no one try to tell me that outdoor smoke is somehow harmful.

    I find the increasing intolerance in our society sickening. Are we so powerless in solving our real problems that we feel the need to instead micro-manage our neighbor’s affairs just to feel some modicum of control?

    Ok then. Besides fireworks, tobacco, and dogs, we need a law banning all babies in public. They cry and they stink. And we need a ban on all heavy people in public. They are slow. And we need a ban on gossiping in public. It annoys me. And we need a ban on rap music in cars. It scares me. And we need a ban on …

  2. Why do these people get to dictate personal habits in an environment that these issues have absolutely no effect on them other than the fact they don’t like it. Getting closer to a Nazi state rapidly. These ” politically correct” people make me puke.

  3. Smokers seem to be oblivious to how offensive and pervasive their smoking is to non smokers. Imagine someone blaring their stereo in the park so loud that it makes it unusable to those that do not want to be deaf. Smoking is the same to those of us that do not want to smell it. It is a sickening and disgusting habit and the council made a unanimous decision because it was an obvious one. No child or adult should be subjected to secondhand smoke in public areas.

  4. All smokers are the same. They are *all* oblivious and offensive. None are ever considerate. They annoy me. Ban them all. Ban them 24/7, even if no one else is in the park. I might see the smoke from across the street.

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