Lynnwood City Council Feb. 20 to discuss Whispering Pines, property purchase for homeless families


    The Lynnwood City Council on Wednesday, Feb. 20 will hear an update from the Housing Authority of Snohomish County on its plans to assist those who would be displaced if the city approves a proposed a comprehensive plan amendment and rezone to tear down and rebuild its aging Whispering Pines housing development, located at 18225 52nd Ave. W.

    A public hearing is scheduled for the comprehensive plan amendment and rezone at the council’s March 11 business meeting.

    You can learn more about Whispering Pines in our earlier story here.

    Also, the council will discuss a proposal for city financing to fund the purchase of the Rodeo Inn property and any necessary subsequent capital improvements. The plan is to repurpose the building to house Edmonds School District homeless students and their families.

    Staff said in its council agenda memo that it “expects to receive funding support from grants and other agencies that will be used to pay down this ‘line of credit’ type of financing.”

    In addition, the council will hear presentations regarding plans for the Lynnwood Community Justice Center, and the police department’s efforts to address homelessness.

    The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the council chambers, Lynnwood City Hall, 19100 44th Ave. W. To see the full city council agenda, click here.


    1. Our City of Bristol, TN is also struggling to do something about our homeless population. We are looking at providing a day center for the homeless to go so they can shower, do laundry, have a mailbox so they can have an address for resume’s and application purposes, provide them with transportation to interviews and a multitude of other amenities to help them get back on their feet and/or counseling so they can get the help many need. Some are families, some are Veterans, and truly some choose their homelessness and won’t even go to the Salvation Army for help. Our local churches do what they can, but many of these people really don’t want the help offered. What can one do in that situation?


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