Lynnwood Lifestyles: 3 creative pumpkin carving ideas you won’t want to miss

It’s that time of year, with apple cider, spooky movies, Halloween, autumn leaves, and of course, pumpkins

But if you’re stumped on what to carve this year, don’t worry. We have you covered.

You won’t find these ideas online, and if you do, trust us — there’s a very unexpected twist here. 

Are you ready for some unique pumpkin carving?

#1 Evil cat-eye pumpkin

Before you say it, yes this is a new idea for 2020. People are getting creative. That being said, everyone seems to be doing normal, relatively human eyes. Maybe bloodshot at best.

But what about evil cat eyes? We’re talking truly angry, emerald cat eyes — no one’s done that yet. 

And you can go any direction here: elf eyes (what you imagine they’d look like), moth man eyes (glowing red), undead eyes, etc. The only limit is your imagination.

#2 Artsy fartsy pumpkin

Mona Lisa, Starry Night, Girl With A Pearl Earring, American Gothic, The Persistance of Memory — there is a lot of art out there that people just know.

So what better way to express your creative, classy side than by carving art inspired by the greats? Unless, of course, you’re that good and it’s basically an exact replica.

Words to the wise though, pick something relatively easy so you won’t be too overwhelmed later. It’s better to aim lower and surpass that, than to reach for the stars and wind up with a ruined pumpkin.

#3 Multi-colored and personalized

Imagine that you have two pumpkins: one orange and one white. Then you take a stencil and use it to carve out the same shape in each, let’s say a diamond (it can be any shape you want).

So then, once those two pieces are in hand, you swap them into opposite pumpkins. The white diamond goes in the orange one, and vice versa.

Repeat this process as many times as you want. It can be a big main shape, several little ones, or a combination of both.

To finish it off, assuming you have a big main shape you carve out your family pet or something that’s meaningful to you into it. It could be a symbol you identify with, a monogram, your favorite animal, etc. 

Now that’s a pretty unexpected pumpkin. Who has that? Especially if you use any remaining space to drill out little holes to let light through? Perfection.

Bonus tips

Since pumpkin carving can be incredibly messy, or challenging, here are some extra tips to make life easier:

  • Lay newspapers down so you can just grab and toss in the trash once you’re done.
  • Stencils come in handy. Even basic shapes can lead to issues, so don’t be afraid to print designs out on paper and pin them onto your pumpkins. Once you’re all done outlining with pins, you can remove everything and use the little holes as a guide.
  • Cut a hole on the back of the pumpkin rather than the top. Make sure it’s a big rectangle, enough to get your hand through to clean it out. This keeps the top intact and let’s you stick a light in the pumpkin, without as much hassle (the stem can be tricky sometimes).
Jennifer Mendez

— By Jennifer Mendez
Jennifer Mendez is a content creator and Lynnwood resident who specializes in copy, graphic design and photography for her clients. Whenever she’s not creating something, she’s exploring new places to eat in the area.

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