Lynnwood Lifestyles: 4 cozy ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day at home

Sure, some things are opening up, but unless you have a reservation lined up, you’re likely already too late. On Valentine’s Day, couples tend to go all out. They’ll go out to eat, shop around, and reclaim some semblance of normal, pre-COVID life.

But what if you actually want to stay home? What if you’re super comfortable with the idea of spending a night in with your significant other (or just someone you enjoy hanging out with — whatever suits you)?

Well, then this post is right up your alley.

Keep It Traditional, But Cute

A little music, a little dancing, a little takeout, and of course, some champagne to wash it all down? Sounds divine, but you’re at home. What are you supposed to do?

Simple — lookup virtual dance classes on sites like Eventbrite. There are countless virtual options out there, for free. And if for some reason none of them scratch the itch, there are always free YouTube dance tutorials or video games like Just Dance you can dive into.

Make It Comfy With A Little Effort

Remember when you were a kid and you made blanket forts to hang out in? Well, they’re pretty adorable. You’d actually be hard-pressed to find someone who refuses to get in one and just forget about the outside world for a bit.

So, why not make a blanket fort? Just pull out some chairs (two) and place them in front of your couch on either side. Then, place a big bedsheet over the top, so it forms a nice rectangle tarp, of sorts. Finally, cover the floor in fluffy blankets and soft pillows. Maybe decorate it all some string lights, and use a broom handle for stability in the center, if needed.

Boom, you have yourself a cute blanket fort you can fill with food, drinks, books, handheld gaming consoles like a Nintendo Switch, or even a few Valentine’s Day presents. 

Watch a movie on your TV or tablet, and curl up. Relax like kids for a change — you’ll be glad you did.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Here’s the thing, it’s ok to have hangups or things you just don’t do. Some people hate ordering specific types of food, like pad Thai. Others have a prejudice against non-alcoholic cocktails. Whatever your preference, take the time to think about things your partner loves that you maybe aren’t a fan of…

And then prepare yourself for it. 

So for instance, maybe your partner absolutely loves banana pancakes, but you can’t stand them. In this situation, you’d make banana pancakes and either make a separate batch or make another type of meal for yourself. 

Not only will this make your partner feel seen and appreciated, but they’ll also likely commend you on your ability to put your own opinions aside.

No One Said You HAD to Stay In the Whole Time…

Before you say “This post is supposed to be about staying inside,” no one ever said you can’t go for a simple walk around the neighborhood. Walk the dog, get some jogging in together, or just browse around and imagine what it would be like if you lived in one of the pretty houses. 

Even a short, 20-minute walk is enough to clear your mind. Not to mention, it’s exercise, which makes you feel better overall.

After your walk, get some coffee, play a game, watch a show or movie, or “go shopping” online while curled up on the couch. Order delivery, or make something together in the kitchen. You could even make some pizza if you’re up for it.

— By Jennifer Mendez

Jennifer Mendez is a content creator and Lynnwood resident who specializes in copy, graphic design and photography for her clients. Whenever she’s not creating something, she’s exploring new places to eat in the area.


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