Lynnwood Lifestyles: 4 interactive toys to keep your furry buddy distracted while you work

They say a dog’s love is unconditional. Whether you forget a treat, run out of peanut butter or insist on making them wear uncomfortable sweaters, dogs will forever view you as the best person on earth. 

But that means you’re likely distracted by them a lot of the time. If you’re watching your favorite show, cooking or working, they’re always by you — ready to pull attention away from pressing tasks. 

Good thing dog toymakers have thought of making interactive toys. Your dog can have a blast without any help from you at all.

Hide and Seek — No Humans Necessary

Dogs are kind of like children. They like to eat, sleep, and play. One of their favorite games? Hide and seek, which makes sense (they don’t like letting you out of their sight).

That’s where this Hide A Squirrel toy comes in handy. Your dog will have a blast finding squirrels in this log for hours, probably. It never gets old, there’s always another squirrel to find!

All you need to do is pop all the squirrels into the log, place it somewhere spacious, like the living room floor, and let Fido do his best.

Mental Stimulation — Like Foraging in the Woods

It doesn’t matter whether you have a 60-lb husky, or an 8-lb chihuahua, foraging and hunting are essential skills engrained into every dog. They love to dig, find things and play around with seemingly boring objects they find in the forest, like twigs.

So play that up with this Fun Mental Stimulation Mat. While you’re busy typing another passive-aggressive email starting with “As per my last email,” Fido will be hard at work using scent and taste to get some treats.

Off to the Races — It’s On the Loose

There’s nothing funnier than watching a dog run after a toy with a mind of its own. This little toy not only looks adorable, it’s also designed to run away with random steering, making it super hard to catch.

Using infrared sensing, this bright yellow toy will detect your dog, flash its light and take off like its life depends on it (because it kind of does, if we’re honest). The only drawback? It might be distracting. It’s too hilarious not to watch.

Turn Your Dog Into A Ping Pong Ball — 2 Toys in A Pack

Imagine this: you’re busy writing up a report and Fido wants to play, badly. So what do you do? You throw a ball…

Only this time, just as they’re making their way back to your desk so you can throw it again, another ball squeaks 30 feet across the room

Now your dog can’t help but drop one ball to check on the other one, but when they get there the first ball squeaks.

Round and round your dog goes, from one ball to the next, getting exercise, having fun, and leaving you to your duties. Now that’s some smart interactive dog toy design. 

— By Jennifer Mendez

Jennifer Mendez is a content creator and Lynnwood resident who specializes in copy, graphic design and photography for her clients. Whenever she’s not creating something, she’s exploring new places to eat in the area.






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