Lynnwood Lifestyles: Fitness with your Apple Watch, Star Wars at library, Chris Ayer in concert

Meeting Fitness Goals with Apple Watch
Saturday, May 4, 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Anyone who has gone through the motions of trying to shed a few pounds. or maintain a healthy weight knows the struggle that it can be. Between measuring out portions, and exercising, it can be easy to slip every so often.

But if you’ve fallen off the health wagon as of late, and you already own an Apple Watch, there’s good news: Apple is hosting an event May 4 at 11:30 a.m. dedicated to showing you the small but significant changes you can do to finally meet your goals.

Guiding the walk around the neighborhood will be an Apple Creative, who will show you how to use the Apple Watch to best boost your fitness activity, and work within the parameters you set it to.

Along with some Apple Watch tricks, the Creative will discuss healthy habits, promising routines and fun ways to stay motivated even when temptation is present.

Of course, the event is free. Participants should bring their Apple Watches, and sign up for the course here.

Celebrate May the Fourth Be With You at Lynnwood Library
Saturday, May 4, 2-4 p.m.

If you and your children are Star Wars fans and can’t wait for the new movie to hit theaters in December, then there’s no better way to celebrate May the 4th than at the Lynnwood Library.

Star Wars crafts, games and activities will all be provided for Jedi, Padawan and Masters alike. Children are encouraged to play, make new friends, and even dress up as their favorite characters from the series.

The free event will go on for two hours in the Lynnwood Large Meeting Room. Attendees are asked to arrive early to maximize their time.

Kick back and relax with Chris Ayer
Saturday, May 4, 8-10 p.m.

Chris Ayer

Chris Ayer, known for his relaxing musical notes and poetic lyrics, is coming to Lynnwood on May 4. Fans will get to enjoy his pop sensibility, his vaguely country vibe and, of course, his ability to defy genre expectations — all from the comfort of someone’s couch.

Unlike any of his 1,000-plus glamorous shows all around the U.S. and Europe with the likes of Green Day, System Of A Down, or Kings of Leon, this time Ayer is playing for a smaller group of people in an intimate-setting house concert.

Real homeowners will be serving food and beverages before the show, around 7 p.m., while the show itself will start at 8 p.m. There will also be a 20-minute intermission for Ayer to relax for a few before finishing up by 10 p.m.

Fans will be able to see the crooner play favorites such as “Stay Another Night.”

Tickets are available for $40 a piece. Get yours today right here.

For more information about Chris Ayer, or a complete collection of his music, don’t forget to check Spotify.

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