Lynnwood Lifestyles: Stress-free tips for bringing autumn into your home

Feeling stressed out? You’re not alone. Combine work demands with lifestyle changes, and top it off with everything on the news, and you have yourself a pretty good cocktail of headache-inducing stress.

The good news is, the change of seasons is here at our doorstep. Soon, it’ll be time to bust out that coat-and-boot combo once again.

And isn’t that change just what we all need?

Here are five easy ways to introduce autumn into your home:

Inventory what you have

Take note of everything you already have. Open the shed, sift through your closets, or just look around the room you’re in right now. Then follow these simple steps:

  1. Make a list of everything you own that you don’t love: mainly decor, clothes that don’t fit anymore, and any clutter that once had its place but no longer does.
  2. Then make a list of the things you own that actually bring you joy ― especially anything autumn-themed. These things might be put away in holiday boxes.
  3. Set aside anything you’re willing to donate/part with, and replace those items with autumn decor you already have on your list. This will reduce clutter, bring festive cheer and save your wallet all in one go.

Make a note of what you need

Sometimes seasonal things get broken when they’re put away. It happens. If your Halloween candy bowl got broken in the closet, or you realized your favorite autumn blanket got a hole in it, go ahead and make a note of it. Next time you’re in the store, buy the items on that list, rather than buying things just because they look festive. This should reduce both spending and clutter down the line.

Focus on easy changes

If you don’t have much in the way of decor, or you’re starting fresh for whatever reason, focus on just the staples. That includes:

  1. A welcome mat for your front door.
  2. 1-2 autumn candles to fill your home with fragrance of your choosing.
  3. Some festive lights you can place by a window, to frame the changing leaves.
  4. A festive catch-all system for your mail and keys.
  5. A festive kitchen towel.

Don’t forget the outdoors

For many people, the change of seasons means they decorate the inside of their homes, but not the outside. It’s always associated with more work and effort than it’s worth. If just the thought of taking it all down makes you tired, keep it simple this year. Opt for one simple strand of string lights on your deck or patio. Or better yet, bring in some autumnal flowers, like mums. Still too much effort? Buy some plant-support stakes with festive designs.

It’s what you do

Don’t feel up for all the decorating, no matter how simple you could make it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s a stressful time, and many people don’t see much point in decorating like everything’s normal. If you’re not up for it, keep it even simple: Just buy some autumn snacks and drinks, like apple cider and seasonal cupcakes. 


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