Lynnwood man arrested for DUI-related hit-and-run near 3500 block of 184th St. SW

Lynnwood police responded to a reported DUI-related collision after a Lynnwood man struck a retention wall with his vehicle. (Photo courtesy of the Lynnwood Police Department)

A Lynnwood man was arrested Saturday night for an alleged DUI-related hit-and-run collision near the 3500 block of 184th Street Southwest, Lynnwood police said.

Ar 7:28 p.m., the Lynnwood Police Department reported that a 35-year-old Lynnwood man was taken into custody after his vehicle struck a retention wall, causing the vehicle to flip.

The man was then transported to a hospital for unknown injuries. A passenger in the vehicle with the man at the time of the incident was reported to have been cleared at the scene.

Police said the retention wall was damaged during the incident and may need to be rebuilt.

  1. Thank god nobody died, maybe this is what he needs to accept his alcoholism and get help!! Thank you to all lynwood police officers , you all are a blessing.

  2. Many many thanks for our great brave Lynnwood PD officers to protect us in our Snohomish County rapid growing community.

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