Lynnwood, Meadowdale HS athletes named to all-Wesco fall teams


With the 2017 high school fall sports season now over for local teams, Wesco League coaches have announced their picks for all-league honors. Here are the student athletes from the Meadowdale Mavericks and the Lynnwood Royals rewarded for their play this past season.

First team, 2A/3A South Conference
Alex Maxwell (Meadowdale), offensive lineman
Moen Hunter (Meadowdale), quarterback
Jaden Jackson (Meadowdale), defensive back
Drew Harvey (Meadowdale), outside linebacker
Will Schafer (Meadowdale), wide receiver
Will Schafer (Meadowdale), defensive back

Second team, 2A/3A South Conference
Jeremiah Ku (Meadowdale), offensive lineman
Eric Lee (Meadowdale), offensive lineman
Jashon Butler (Meadowdale), running back
Matthew Johnson (Meadowdale), linebacker
Alfred Jeronimo (Meadowdale), defensive lineman
Christian Navarro (Lynnwood), offensive lineman

Honorable Mention, 2A/3A South Conference
Ben Duong (Meadowdale)
Jared Music (Meadowdale)
Ryan Truong (Lynnwood)
Joseph Albizures (Lynnwood)
Oscar Nunez (Lynnwood)
Caleb Herr (Lynnwood)

Girls Soccer
First team, 2A/3A
Madison Hinkel (Lynnwood), midfielder
Cassidy O-Dell (Lynnwood), forward

Second team, 2A/3A
Taylor Kesselring (Meadowdale), midfielder

Honorable Mention, 2A/3A
Cassidy Gamble (Meadowdale), defender
Isa Whalen (Meadowdale), defender
Jaislyn Hart (Meadowdale), midfielder
Camryn Cassidy (Meadowdale), goalkeeper
Emily Chong (Lynnwood), defender
Anna Cavanaugh (Lynnwood), midfielder
Isabella Shields (Lynnwood), goalkeeper

First team, 2A/3A
Kiana Pei (Lynnwood), libero

Second team, 2A/3A
Kelsey Cummins (Meadowdale), outside hitter
Riley Monan (Lynnwood), outside hitter
Vanessa Guinto (Lynnwood), setter

Honorable Mention, 2A/3A
Ally McArthur (Lynnwood), middle blocker

Boys Cross Country
Second team, 3A South Conference
Colin Knechtel (Meadowdale)

Girls Cross Country
Second team, 2A/3A South Conference
Brooke Schroeder (Lynnwood)

Boys Tennis
First team, 2A/3A South Conference
Djelli Berisha (Meadowdale), doubles
Ryan Johnson (Meadowdale), doubles

–Story and photos by Doug Petrowski


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