Lynnwood police arrest eight in shoplifting ’emphasis’ at Fred Meyer

Police conduct a pat down
Recovered goods. Photos courtesy Lynnwood Police
Photos courtesy Lynnwood Police

Lynnwood police announced they arrested eight suspects during a Feb. 21 “emphasis operation” at the Lynnwood Fred Meyer on 196th Street Southwest.

Of those arrested, police said that one had an outstanding warrant and another had been released from juvenile jail earlier that morning.

Police say they intend to conduct similar operations in the future.

  1. These “emphasis” operations lead to more serious crime because it doesn’t address the cause of the problem that put people in situations to steal. Access to healthcare, access to livable waged jobs, access to affordable housing is what reduces crime.

    Politicians know this and avoid implementing policy that would make real change because they need “bad boys” to distract from their own profiting off our taxes.

    This is a distraction show and tax payers will be paying the price. Honestly soda and ice cream gets jail time…not in a fair or just world for sure. A world for political profit in the police business while business and people have to pay the price of these games.

    1. I am so glad to see this. The police’s job is not to FIX our whole society, today. They are in the “enforcement” branch of our government (the other two being legislative and judicial, lest we forget). Yes, many other things need to be done. BUT… right now, it is not the Wild West. Nobody should be allowed to just take what they want from a business without consequences. That costs us all. It seems some people know they can just grab stuff and am-scray out the door, ‘store security’ can do VERY little to prevent this. I’m very glad to see emphasis enforcement. It is not Fred Meyer’s responsibility to fund social equity.

    2. Yes, and NO! The recoveries we have that are basically complete sweeps of a shelf of cold medicine, a bunch of art supplies, and Carhart’s.

      If these used their smarts for good….

    3. This is happening at literally every business in Washington state. Multiple times a day. A business has to raise prices in order to not go under. Tax payers pay more taxes for retail loss. These juveniles need to be taught a lesson because when the candy, sodas, etc become so easy they graduate to higher thefts & most likely that will involve a weapon. If you’ve ever been arrested & lost your freedom your less likely to go back! Shoplifting needs consequences.

    4. Meeting crime head on is never a bad idea. I’m weary of all the excuses given for criminal behavior. Some chose drugs and a free-wheeling way of life. This is not about large corporations or livable wage jobs. It’s about work ethic to apply yourself to a means of living that doesn’t require theft. Our enabling actions only serve to give those with low motivation to feel righteous in their law breaking behavior.

    5. Stealing is something someone chooses to do. Making excuses for theft like, “stopping crime leads to more serious crime” is an excuse and is intellectually lazy. Blaming politicians for not creating policies?? They don’t need to create a policy when there are laws in effect that state, stealing is illegal. In addition, it does not matter what they are stealing…it’s all theft.

    6. It’s an epidemic that needs to be treated and harsher punishment needs to be given to those whom steal. Period. Currently there is little if not no deterrent from stealing. For you to say it’s a show is asinine in it’s entirety. You’ve obviously NEVER been in their position in life and have zero idea as to what causes it.

  2. Stealing is stealing!
    It does not matter if it is food or a fur coat. If they see, they can get away with it; are your car and belongings next?
    We hire Police Officers to do their job of keeping all of us safe.
    The Courts are to blame for so much crime; the criminal is back on the street before the paperwork is done!
    Thank you, Lynnwood Police Officers.

  3. I can see both sides of this situation. On one hand we do have economic and judicial system that is unfair and unbalanced BUT that applies to all of us yet not everyone is going out to steal what they want just because they want it. These people were not stealing food cause they are starving or trying to feed their families, they were stealing out of want and for profit. I’ve seen many police officers go easy or even let go of some people who were only stealing food to feed themselves. The majority of theft is not out of starvation, its out of want and greed.
    Imagine if we all did that? Walked into whatever store we wanted and just took stuff cause we wanted it in that moment. If more people walked around with that mentality then we would have a break down of society really quick. Just look at the consequences that the increase of retail theft has brought on our society so far. We are all paying the price for people who give in to their greed and selfishness. It will keep getting worse if we don’t do something now. I mean real change on all levels now not later when all our stores are closed and no one has jobs anymore as a result.

  4. I hope they prosecute. This has been going on ,blatantly for the past few years. It needs to end!

  5. I am a former drug addict and was also homeless for many years. With God’s help and support of my family my wife and I have a nice apt I have a job and I am 6 yrs clean. But during those times. The only real thing that helped me get away from that life was harsher punishment a.k.a more time in jail and drug treatment options. Without those it will never get better

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