Lynnwood police blotter: Jan. 2-3


Jan. 2
A shoplifter was reported in the 4600 block of 196th Street Southwest. A suspect matching the description provided by loss prevention officers was spotted behind the store near a dumpster, attempting to flee officers. He was told to get down on the ground. Eventually he did. The loss prevention officer confirmed the suspect was the one who had stolen from the store. He was cited.

A vehicle prowl was reported in the 18300 block of Highway 99. A tablet and a cell phone were stolen out of the vehicle. Pry marks were visible on the passenger door.

A nylon tool bag containing nylon pouches, a pistol carry bag, several old cell phones and a box of ammunition were found in the 18000 block of Highway 99. The box of ammunition had a name and phone number on it. That person was contacted, but he said he never threw away any ammo, nor did he sell or give any away, so he doesn’t know where the ammunition came from. He also said none of the other items were his. There were no other indications of who the items may belong to. They were entered into evidence as found property.

Jan. 3
A vehicle was stolen from the 16600 block of 70th Place West.

A shoplifter was reported at a store in the 18700 block of Alderwood Mall Parkway. A man was seen on surveillance video taking items from the store and fleeing the area on his bicycle. Items valued at $119 were stolen. The suspect was recognized by officers and was mailed a citation.

A wallet was found in the 17400 block by a good Samaritan. The owner of the wallet was identified by his driver’s license. The wallet also contained $56 in cash. The police department mailed him a letter informing him that his wallet was found, as a phone number could not be located.

A vehicle prowl was reported in the 16700 block of 71st Place West. Paperwork had been scattered throughout the vehicle. His vehicle’s ignition had also been tampered with and would not start. Estimated damage to the ignition is $500.

A burglary was reported in the 17700 block of Highway 99. A storage unit had been broken into and several items were missing, including jewelry, electronics, power tools and furniture. The owner valued the missing items at a total of $80,000.

A Lynnwood police officer conducted a check of a coffee stand on Highway 99 based on an anonymous tip from a citizen that the business was violating the city’s public indecency ordinance. The officer arrived to find a barista wearing a thong bikini, which is in violation of the city’s ordinance. When the officer told her she was breaking the city’s code, she “seemed confused,” according to a police report. She was cited for public indecency and was told that officers would be checking that coffee stand regularly.

A burglary was reported in the 3700 block of 196th Street Southwest. A plumber working at a construction site in the area said he arrived to the job to find several tools missing. Each tool was engraved with a number. The missing tools were valued at a total of $11,000.


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