Lynnwood police blotter: Jan. 30-Feb. 6


Jan. 30
A burglary was reported in the 20100 block of 44th Avenue West. Approximately $500 worth of copper wire was taken.

A vehicle stolen from Tulalip was recovered in the 19700 block of 40th Avenue West.

Jan. 31
A vehicle prowl was reported in the 4000 block of 170th Street Southwest. A wallet containing an insurance card and $40 cash was stolen. Damage to the rear door handle of the vehicle is estimated at $200.

Feb. 1
A vehicle was abandoned in the the area of 198th Street Southwest and Scriber Lake Road. The registration had expired over a year prior. It was impounded.

A vehicle prowl was reported in the 4900 block of 200th Street Southwest. A camera, accessories and a computer were stolen.

Feb. 2
A vehicle prowl was reported in the 19200 block of Highway 99. There was no damage to the car. Racing seats, a steering wheel and harness had all been taken from inside, valued at $855.

Gas was reported stolen from a vehicle parked in the 19500 block of Highway 99. The vehicle’s owner said she had filled the tank before beginning her shift, and when she came back to her vehicle, she noticed her gas lid was open and the vehicle was below full.

A bicycle was reported found in the 19700 block fo 48th Avenue West.

A shoplifter was reported in the 18400 block of Alderwood Mall Parkway. Stolen items were valued at a total of $603.98. All items were recovered.

A lost dog was reported in the 19400 block fo 36th Avenue West. The dog had been inside a building there with its owner, but somehow got outside and could not be located.

Feb. 3
A vehicle was reported stolen from the 20300 block of Highway 99.

An incident of suspicious circumstances was reported in the 19800 block of 40th Avenue West. Two men in their 30s reportedly tried to offer a 6-year-old girl some candy and then left. The incident was seen on surveillance video.

A purse was reported stolen from the 3000 block fo 184th Street Southwest. The purse had been left on the ground next to another purse. When the owner returned, her purse was gone.

A vehicle was reported stolen from the 3000 block of 184th Street Southwest.

Feb. 4
A domestic assault was reported in the 5300 block of 170th Place Southwest.

Feb. 5
A trailer was reported in the middle of the road in the 54th Avenue West at 178th Place Southwest. The trailer was blocking traffic, and so it was impounded.

An incident of fraud was reported in the 20400 block of 68th Avenue West. A counterfeit $20 bill was passed at a school cafeteria there. The student’s parents were contacted and agreed to pay for the meal.

An incident of credit card fraud was reported in the 18600 block of 33rd Avenue West. A man and woman bought approximately $480 worth of merchandise with credit cards that were not theirs.

Feb. 6
An assault was reported in the 6100 block of Park Way. A landlord and tenant were fighting and the argument turned physical.

A theft was reported in the 18100 block of 33rd Avenue West. A man took $12.99 worth of merchandise from a store without paying. He was contacted and the merchandise was recovered.

A vehicle was reported damaged in the 6500 block of 200th Street Southwest. The scratches did not go to the metal, but were deep enough that they could not be buffed out. Damage estimated at $800.

A hit-and-run was reported at a business in the 18000 block of Highway 99. A front window to the business was broken and a trashcan inside was dented. Surveillance video shows an SUV backing into the trashcan, which was sent through the window of the business. The driver then fled. The license plate number was visible in the video.


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