Lynnwood Police Blotter, May 22-28


May 22

-A bicycle was removed from the rack outside the Lynnwood Library. It had been there for over a month, according to an employee of the city, and was entered into evidence.

-A vehicle prowl was reported at Fred Meyer on 196th Street Southwest. The driver’s door had been unlocked, and a backpack with documents, tools, marijuana accessories, and E-cig accessories was missing. The value of the lost items was estimated at $400.

-A vehicle was impounded after having been parked in the 19400 block of 58th Place West for over a month.

-A theft was reported at a 7-11 on 196th Street Southwest. A man and a woman stole two cartons of Marlboro Lights cigarettes and fled. Lost items were valued at $90 total.

May 23

-A burglary was reported in the 5300 block of 172nd Place Southwest. The residence’s front door had been broken open, and multiple rooms were visibly searched. Cash amounting to $60 was taken, and about $250 was estimated for repair of property.

-A woman reported that she responded to a Craigslist ad selling four Taylor Swift tickets. After transferring the money through Google Play, the seller discontinued communication. Google Play was able to reverse the transaction.

-A burglary was reported at Aloha Café on 196th Street Southwest. A window was broken, possibly by a rock, and $200 in cash was stolen.

-A specialist was attempting to repossess a vehicle when the vehicle’s owner drove the vehicle off the hydraulic lift, bending a hydraulic arm of the $12,000 lift. The damage was estimated at $2,000. The perpetrator was later detained and taken into custody, and the vehicle repossessed.

May 24

-A vehicle was marked for impound after being parked in the 5900 block of 202nd Street Southwest. It had been parked there for an extended period of time.

-A man was served a trespass notice for panhandling in the 18000 block of Highway 99.

-A theft was reported at a construction site south of AM/PM gas station in the 17000 block of Ash Way. The manager of the site believed that occupants of a vehicle siphoned diesel from an excavator at the site. One occupant of the truck was taken into custody for an outstanding warrant issued in Snohomish County.

May 25

-A stolen vehicle was recovered in the parking lot of Best Lynnwood Motor Inn in the 18100 block of Highway 99. The vehicle was impounded as the owner was not available for contact.

-A theft was reported in the 5600 block of 204th Street Southwest. An unknown amount of mail was stolen from a mailbox. The same vehicle, which was seen driving slowly down the street with the occupant opening mailboxes, was associated with a robbery in Everett in December.

-A suspicious circumstance was reported in the 17400 block of 36th Avenue. Video camera footage showed a man attempting to steal mail from mailboxes outside vacant apartments.

May 26

-A vehicle theft was reported in the 17900 block of 56th Avenue West. The keys were left inside the vehicle because the owner fell asleep.

-An incident of malicious mischief was reported in the 19800 block of 50th Avenue West. A vehicle was spray painted red on multiple sides overnight.

-A theft was reported at Fred Meyer in the 4600 block of 196th Street Southwest. An employee observed a man walk out of the store without paying for several Legos boxes. The man was taken to Lynnwood jail.

-A burglary was reported at Walgreen’s in the 20800 block of Highway 99. The store owner observed a woman steal merchandise valued at $90.45. The woman was found at Rodeo Inn, charged with burglary, and taken to the Lynnwood jail and then the Snohomish County jail.

May 27

-A case of shoplifting was reported at Fred Meyer in the 4600 block of 196th Street Southwest. A woman walked out of the store with $256.13 worth of children’s clothing and toys. The woman was cited for theft and released.

-A team of shoplifters was reported at Target on Alderwood Mall Parkway. Two Target employees were arrested for voiding items in each other’s purchases on several days as caught on camera. Both women were cited for theft.

-A case of malicious mischief was reported at College Place Middle School, where windows were broken. The teacher whose classroom the windows were in reported her checkbook being stolen and the date on the board changed.

May 28

-A theft was reported at Fred Meyer on 196th Street Southwest. A man stole $1,088 worth of clothing in a duffel bag. He was arrested, the clothing returned, and the man was cited for theft and drug possession.

-A man was found and arrested at a 7-11 gas station around the 18000 block of Bothell-Everett Hwy. He has a warrant out for his arrest for a felony.



  1. That shoplifting at 7 – 11 of two cartons of marlboro lights value is more like $ 180.00 as they are about $90 plus tax. It’s another reason why i get my smokes up off of exit 208 in Arlington.
    $ 130.00 for 3 cartons of complete light 100’s . It’s lasts awhile .


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