Lynnwood police blotter: Nov. 1-6


Nov. 1
A theft was reported in the 17200 block of Highway 99. Items valued at $265.37 were stolen from a store there and recovered. A female suspect was contacted and arrested.

A driver in the 4200b block of 164th Street Southwest reported another driver heading in the same direction pointing a firearm at him. He said he did not recognize the driver and thought the firearm appeared to be a real firearm. The driver of the second vehicle was not located.

A purse containing a pistol was found in the 4900 block of 196th Street Southwest. The bag was left behind in a store there several days before and employees had placed it into lost and found. The employee realized it still had not been claimed so he checked to see what was inside. When he saw the pistol, he called 9-1-1. The gun’s magazine contained six hollow point cartridges. Nothing else was inside the purse.

A passport was reported lost in the 20800 block of 48th Avenue West.

Nov. 2
A domestic assault was reported in the 5700 block of 204th Street Southwest.

A vehicle theft was reported in the 5900 block of 200th Street Southwest.

A vehicle prowl was reported in the 5900 block of 196th Street Southwest. A window was broken out of the vehicle. Nothing appeared to be missing. Damage estimated at $200.

A shoplifter was reported in the 17200 block of Highway 99. Merchandise valued at $50 was stolen. The suspect was not located.

A shoplifter was reported in the 18400 block of 33rd Avenue West. Electronics valued at $699.99 were stolen.

Nov. 3
Graffiti was reported on the side of a building in the 5500 block of 186th Place Southwest.

A vehicle prowl was reported in the 19700 block of 48th Avenue West. Nothing appeared to be missing or stolen, but items were clearly gone through.

A shoplifter in custody was reported in the 3000 block of 184th Street Southwest. The suspect tried to take $248 worth of jackets from a store there and was contacted by loss prevention. She was later arrested for theft.

A found wallet was turned into the Lynnwood Police Department. Inside were several bank cards with multiple different names. One of the cardholders was contacted and said her vehicle had been prowled earlier this year. Contact information for the other cardholders was not found.

Nov. 4
A suspicious circumstance was reported near the intersection of 204th Street Southwest and 54th Avenue West. A white van was idling in the area with people inside. A bat, stun gun and spring-assisted knife were inside the vehicle along with two people. They were both arrested for passion of a dangerous weapon. The tabs on the vehicle were also registered to a different vehicle. The driver was issued a citation for the tab.

A counterfeit $20 bill was passed at a store in the 4000 block of 196th Street Southwest. A store manager said he told the customer that the bill was fake, and the customer “looked perplexed” before leaving the store. The bill was entered into evidence and the store manager provided a statement.

A vehicle that had been abandoned in the 19400 block of Scriber Lake Road was impounded.

Approximately $1,500 cash was stolen from a store in the 3000 block of 184th Street Southwest. The reporting party indicated that a female employee took the money over 14 separate false return transactions. Video evidence corroborated the incidents. When the manager confronted the employee, she fled the store, so the store wants to pursue legal action.

Nov. 5
A theft was reported in the 18400 block of Alderwood Mall Parkway. A male suspect attempted to “return” merchandise at a store, but he had just pulled the merchandise off of the rack. His return was declined and he left with the merchandise. He was contacted by officers and admitted he stole the items.

A theft was reported in the 18400 block of Alderwood Mall Parkway. A woman took clothing and makeup items from sales racks and took them into a fitting room. When she left the fitting room, nothing was left behind and she walked out without paying for anything. She was arrested for theft. The total value of the items she took was $87.

Nov. 6
Two bicycles were found discarded in the 18400 block of Highway 99. Their serial numbers did not show any record. Both were placed into evidence as found property.

A two-vehicle, non-injury collision in the 20300 block of Highway 99 resulted in one woman being arrested for DUI. The woman showed signs of being intoxicated when she was contacted by officers. She later failed several field sobriety tests. She declined a breath test, saying she did not know why it was needed since neither vehicle was heavily damaged. She was arrested and a breath test was issued at the jail. She blew a 0.261 percent blood alcohol concentration.

A burglary was reported in the 18500 block of 42nd Place West. Stereo equipment, three archery bows and tools, valued at a total of $2,983.95, were reported stolen. It is unclear when the items were taken, as they were left in a garage that had been left open several times in the last few months.

A vehicle stolen from Seattle was located in the 4400 block of 149th Place Southwest.


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