Lynnwood Police Blotter: Oct. 1-6, 2018


Oct. 1

19500 block of 44th Avenue West: A woman was seen stealing a sex toy valued at $199.99 from Lovers . The store manager said when she told the woman she was going to call the police, the woman left the store without returning the item.

19600 block of Alderwood Mall Parkway: A vehicle theft was reported.

18600 block of 64th Avenue West: A woman responded to a Craigslist ad regarding a house for rent. The “owner” of the house asked the woman to deposit first and last month’s rent into a Western Union account. She did so and waited for her keys to be sent via FedEx. She never received the keys and when she contacted a real estate agent for the property she learned the home had already been rented out and the owner lived in China.

17600 block of Highway 99: A woman said a vehicle backed into her and left the scene. The vehicle was later seen in a lot and a man was arrested for third-degree malicious mischief domestic violence and transported to the Lynnwood Police Department.

Oct. 2

5300 block of 172nd Street Southwest: A man’s 12-volt car battery valued at $100 and a boat motor valued at $600-$900 was stolen.

19100 block of Highway 99: The manager for a U-haul location noticed the after-hours lock box was open. A set of keys was missing and a van had been stolen.

19300 block of 44th Avenue West: A man said that when he went to get his mail, he noticed an open package underneath his mailbox. The package belonged to him and his prescription glasses valued at $200 were missing.

18300 block of Alderwood Mall Parkway: A woman was caught shoplifting merchandise valued at $40.96. Once arrested, the officer located drugs in her wallet. She was issued a criminal citation for third-degree theft and legend drug possession without a prescription. She was fingerprinted, photographed and then released.

3600 block of 164th Street Southwest: A man was booked on his two misdemeanor warrants for DUI and second-degree attempt to take a motor vehicle.

Oct. 3

19300 block of 44th Avenue West: An officer from Mill Creek had arrested a man for a misdemeanor warrant. A Lynnwood officer took custody of the man and booked him into the Lynnwood Jail.

17400 block of 44th Avenue West: A woman reported her car was missing when she went to drive to work. She stated no one else had permission to possess the vehicle.

4700 block of 200th Street Southwest: A man’s work truck was broken into. The front driver side door window of the vehicle was shattered and the man was missing his work phone. The window was valued at $300 and the phone was valued at $200.

16800 block of Highway 99: An officer noticed a car with a missing mirror. He ran the license plate and it came back attached with a warrant number. The man inside the vehicle was arrested for his Snohomish County warrant and transported to the Lynnwood Jail.

16700 block of 66th Avenue West: A woman was taking her daily dog walk at the Meadowdale Playfields when an elderly man caught up with her. The man continued to walk with the woman and grabbed her hand. The woman pulled away and the man grabbed her by the shoulders, turned her and kissed her on both of her cheeks. The woman tried to get away and told him to go. The man grabbed the back of her head and kissed her on the lips before the woman pushed him away and exited the park. The woman did not want to press charges but wanted to report the incident to document that it occurred in case the man repeated the offense.

20800 block of 59th Place West. A car valued at $17,000 was stolen.

Oct. 4

19900 block of 44th Avenue West: A man was seen trespassing in the lot where he had prior contacts and arrests. The man was transported and booked at the Lynnwood Jail for second-degree criminal trespass.

2600 block of 196th Street Southwest: A police officer saw two men and one woman in a car. The officer ran the license plate and discovered the car was associated with possible warrant subjects. He approached the subjects and discovered one of the men had a Department of Corrections felony warrant for escaping community custody. The man was transported to Lynnwood Jail and booked on his warrant.

18600 block of 33rd Avenue West: Two males were seen shoplifting clothing valued at $222 from JC Penney. Both suspects had warrants and were booked into the Denny Youth Center for their warrants.

17200 block of Highway 99: A woman at Value Village was seen concealing under her sweatshirt items valued at $30.30. She was placed into custody and was booked for third-degree theft.

Oct. 5

4600 block of 196th Street Southwest: A man who stole a tool chest on wheels and several tools was arrested for third-degree theft.

19300 block of 74th Avenue West. A woman said one of her window screens was damaged and it appeared someone had tried to pry it off.

19200 block of 74th Avenue West: During a house check, Lynnwood Citizens Patrol noticed an open back door and a window off its tracks. The homeowner was contacted and said nobody currently lives in the house and that all the windows and doors should have been locked.

19900 block of Highway 99: A vehicle’s rear license plate was stolen. Photos were taken of the vehicle and entered into evidence.

Oct. 6

19700 block of 48th Avenue West: A woman reported that she heard what sounded like a domestic dispute between a man and a woman. Police responding to the scene asked the woman if she felt safe around the man and she said yes. The officer checked the man’s information and dispatch advised he had two active felony warrants out of King County. The man was transported to the Lynnwood Jail, where he was booked on the two arrest warrants.

3500 block of 172nd Street Southwest: A woman said an unknown subject threw a rock through the back windshield of her car.

19800 block of 40th Avenue West: A woman’s rear left vehicle window was broken and there was glass on the ground and in the back seat. The woman’s work purse containing a laptop and two checks were taken.

7300 block of 196th Street Southwest. A police officer determined there was probable cause to arrest one man for second-degree burglary.

18000 block of Alderwood Mall Parkway. A man was seen leaving Kohl’s with stolen items. He was pulled over and placed into custody. The merchandise, valued at $168, was returned.

— Compiled by Hannah Horiatis


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