Lynnwood police blotter: Oct. 25-31


Oct. 25
A shoplifter was reported in the 18100 block of 33rd Avenue West. Merchandise valued at a total of $224.50 was stolen and recovered. The suspect was contacted, cited and booked.

A vehicle was reported stolen from the 18700 block of 33rd Avenue West.

Oct. 26
A suspicious motorhome was reported in the 16700 block of Spruce Way. It had a registration that expired six years ago. The resident said she would move it to an address in Shoreline.

A vehicle was reported stolen from the 20200 block of 68th Avenue West.

Tools were reported stolen from a built-in chest installed in the back of a truck parked in the 3100 block of 175th Street Southwest. Tools valued at a total of $910 were stolen. The chest was reportedly unlatched before the incident.

A vehicle prowl was reported in the 19100 block of Highway 99. Beads valued at $50 were stolen.

Oct. 27
Possible threats were reported in the 5900 block of 176th Street Southwest.

A small deceased dog was reported in the 4700 block of 212th Street Southwest. It appeared as though the dog had died recently and someone had moved the dog off the roadway into the curb area and wrapping the dog in a plastic bag. The dog did not have a collar or microchip.

Oct. 28
An incident of harassment was reported in the 17400 block of 52nd Avenue West. A man said she he saw a group of kids picking on a younger boy in the area while he was driving by. He turned around to make sure the boy was okay when the older juveniles, believed to be about 16 years old, began harassing him, saying they would shoot him and “making gang signs.” A woman in the vehicle recorded the incident. The video will be entered into evidence when it is received by police.

A burglary was reported in the 7500 block fo 196th Street Southwest. A register drawer containing about $100 cash was stolen, along with about $100 worth of merchandise. Additionally, the front door sustained approximately $1,500 damage.

A burglary was reported in the 18400 block of Highway 99. A glass window was broken out of a business there. Nothing had been taken, but items had been shuffled around. The damage is estimated at $1,000.

A vehicle prowl was reported in the 17900 block of 64th Avenue West. A cell phone valued at approximately $200 was stolen.

Oct. 29
An incident of domestic assault was reported in the 19600 block of Heinz Place. A group of people were having a bonfire outside a residence there. One man reportedly got upset and threw the portable fire pit at two people in the group. The suspect told officers his hands were burned. An officer observed a blister forming on one hand. One of the people he threw the fire pit at was bleeding, the other was covered in ash. The suspect was arrested.

A man slumped over in the driver’s seat of a vehicle was reported near the intersection of Highway 99 and 176th Street Southwest. No medical problems were discovered upon first contact. He told officers he had been drinking and was now driving home. He failed a few field sobriety tests and was arrested. He fell asleep briefly as officers prepared a breath test. He then blew into the test revealing a 0.144 percent blood alcohol concentration. He was booked into the Lynnwood jail and was also issued an infraction for having an open container of alcohol in the vehicle.

An incident of malicious mischief was reported in the 4500 block fo 200th Street Southwest. A man entered a store there and asked the clerk if he could stay inside the store because he was cold. The clerk told him he could not because the store is for customers only. The man then swore at the clerk and left abruptly. The clerk said when she went to her car, she saw a heavy cement trash can had been rolled into her car. The incident was partially captured on surveillance video.

Oct. 30
A passport was reported lost by a Lynnwood resident. He was unsure where he could have lost it or how it happened.

A man who had previously been trespassed from the 3000 block fo 184th Street Southwest was spotted inside the building. He was arrested.

An incident of malicious mischief was reported int he 18400 block of 52nd Avenue West. A male party was seen spray painting a wall in the area.

A theft was reported in the 18300 block of Alderwood Mall Parkway. A customer forgot her purse inside a store there. When she returned 45 minutes later, it was gone. Surveillance video shows a woman in her late 20s taking the purse and leaving the store. Inside was a phone valued at $500, $1,000 cash and a passport.

Oct. 31
A burglary in progress was reported in the 4900 block of 180th Street Southwest. The suspect was contacted by officers and arrested.

An incident of lewd act in public was reported in the 20400 block of 76th Avenue West. A female student that attends a school there reported an older student exposed himself to her. The suspect, a 15-year-old male, was contacted by officers and told them he was urinating. However, he lied about his name and there were two public toilets within 300 feet of where the incident occurred. He also had been arrested for indecent exposure earlier this year for exposing himself to a 6-year-old girl. He was booked into the Denny Youth Center.

An incident of malicious mischief was reported in the 18700 block of 33rd Avenue West. Four juvenile males were reported jumping on cars in a parking lot there. The owners of three vehicles were contacted. They each had between $1,500-$5,000 damage. Security footage will be entered into evidence when available.


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