Lynnwood Police Blotter: Oct. 29-Nov. 4


Oct. 29

19611 Alderwood Mall Parkway: A employee at a 76 Gas Station reported that a man stole boxes of soda that were stored outside of the station. The same man came back three weeks later attempting to steal more boxes of soda.

4000 block of 198th Street Southwest: The reporting officer approached a man who had blood on his forehead. The man said he was assaulted near the Goodwill the previous night and that his backpack was stolen.

3000 block of 184th Street Southwest: The cash register at a toy store was broken into overnight and $110 in cash was stolen.

21300 block of 67th Avenue West: The owner of Current Electric reported that someone had stolen gasoline and a catalytic converter from his work trucks.

18300 block of Alderwood Mall Parkway: A man was seen selecting and concealing multiple trading cards into his pockets at Target. He exited the store and when he was approached by loss prevention he ran away and entered a vehicle that fled.

Oct. 30

18000 block of Highway 99: A man who appeared to be holding a bottle of alcohol was seen dancing and striking a store window with his fist. The man was booked for unlawful possession of liquor in public.

16600 block of 58th Place West: A 78-year-old man walked away from his adult family home and has not returned.

18300 block of Alderwood Mall Parkway: A man was arrested for second-degree theft after stealing video games from Target.

3000 block of 184th Street Southwest: A guest at the Cheesecake Factory found a gun in a bathroom stall. After the reporting officer secured the gun a woman arrived and said she was the one who left her gun in the bathroom. She had done this before at a bathroom at Regal Cinemas in Everett. The officer said he would keep the gun until the woman could prove ownership.

Oct. 31

20400 block of 54th Avenue West: A man who identified himself as Robin Williams was approached by police because he was asleep and camping inside of his car. He later gave his real name and was arrested for his warrant and camping on public property.

5800 block of 203rd Street Southwest: A man emailed a complaint that a cat keeps coming into his home at night and eating his cat’s food.

19800 block of 44th Avenue West: The director of operations at McDonald’s said the general manager was planning to make a night drop deposit valued at $1,547.88, but said his vehicle was broken into and the deposit for the business was stolen. However, there was no damage to his car and the director of operations said the manager had something going on his life that was causing him stress.

3000 block of 184th Street Southwest: A mother reported that while her daughter was shopping at Alderwood Mall, a man was following her and staring at her. The daughter contacted a cashier, who had Alderwood Mall Security come to the store so she could leave the mall. The daughter returned to the mall a day later and had the same man staring at her and following her.

Nov. 1

3700 block of 196th Street Southwest: A woman’s car was stolen while it was parked at her residence.

7200 block of 196th Street Southwest: Police responded to a nuisance complaint by a mother who said her son’s friend was causing a disturbance and may be dealing narcotics. The reporting officer discovered the son’s friend had a felony warrant and he was booked into the Lynnwood Jail.

Nov. 2

4200 block of 198th Street Southwest: An employee at Central Dental reported that the air compressor, which was kept in a locked shed and valued at $500-$600, was stolen overnight.

6700 block of 196th Street Southwest: A woman reported that her father-in-law never returned after leaving for his everyday walk.

18400 block of Alderwood Mall Parkway: A man and a woman were seen inside of Kohl’s stealing clothing. Both were booked for third-degree theft and the man was also booked for his warrant. After the thefts occurred, an unknown man entered the store and returned the stolen merchandise for a Kohl’s gift card valued at $266.

Nov. 3

18200 block of Alderwood Mall Parkway: A man who was previously trespassed from Plato’s Closet was seen leaving the store without paying for several jackets with a combined approximate value of $100.

19800 block of Highway 99: A woman called 9-1-1 on her ex-boyfriend who had a warrant and was attempting to break the window of her vehicle. The reporting officer arrested the man for his warrant and found drug paraphernalia in his pocket.

17200 block of Highway 99: A woman was seen concealing items at Value Village. The woman was approached by the reporting officers and they discovered she had two warrants and was holding drug paraphernalia. She was transported and booked into the Lynnwood Jail.

6000 block 0f 168th Street Southwest: A woman reported that her daughter never returned home after being dropped off at school.

Nov. 4

19700 block of 50th Avenue West: A man reported that the rear window on the right side of his vehicle was broken and items with a combined value of $4,000 were stolen from it.

20700 block of Highway 99: A man reported that his aunt told him she was stepping out and has not returned since. The man fears something happened to her because she did not bring her cell phone and she left with about $1,400.

3100 block of 196th Street Southwest: A man was seen entering Lowe’s and stealing four faucets and a Dewalt oscillating tool. While the man was leaving the parking lot, he pinched his shopping cart between his vehicle and the vehicle next to his, causing a scratch down the side of the vehicle next to him. The owner of the scratched vehicle wanted to file a hit and run report.

— Compiled by Hannah Horiatis


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