Lynnwood residents have one more chance to sign up for free rain or vegetable garden installation

To reduce stormwater pollution, the City of Lynnwood offers free rain garden installations to residents. (Image courtesy of the City of Lynnwood)

This is the last week for Lynnwood residents to sign up to request a free rain or vegetable garden installation in their yard front.

In partnership with the Snohomish Conservation District, the City of Lynnwood offers residents free rain or vegetable garden installations in residential neighborhoods. Labor and materials are provided by installation crews and the only expense to residents is the cost of the plants added to the garden.

Since 2016, the city has been working to implement low-impact development projects to reduce stormwater runoff pollution. The process includes installing guiding rainwater gutters and downspouts into a trench that feeds into the freshly-dug-out rain garden. The gardens are filled with a bioretention soil that infiltrates water and helps break down pollutants.

The city also works with the Veterans Conservation Corp (VCC), which provides veterans with employment opportunities and other resources. The crew works with landowners on stormwater resource concerns in urban and residential areas of Snohomish County and surrounding areas.

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For more information about Lynnwood’s rain garden project, or if you are interested in signing up for a rain garden, contact Cameron Coronado at or 425-670-5245.

  1. I wish there was a way for there to be a partnership with Snohomish County. I understand the tax situation, but it’s frustrating knowing there are residents who are NOT taking advantage of this opportunity and we would use it! We live in unincorporated Lynnwood, 2 blocks outside of city limits, and deal with a lot of streetwater runoff from nearby Lynnwood city streets flowing down to our yard, much of which ends up filtering into the storm drain adjacent to our property. A rain garden installation would be amazing and benefit our local environment and waterways.

    1. Hi Laura – These lines are tricky. We do work with landowners on a voluntary basis all over the place and would love to work with you. It might be worth bringing your concern to both the Lynnwood City Council, and to the Snohomish County Council through your council member, Stephanie Wright. Let her know that you want to work with the County or the Conservation District on stormwater issues outside of the city limits.

      Kari Quaas, Snohomish Conservation District

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