Manor Hardware building torn down

The old Manor Hardware building at 195th Pl. SW. and 36th Ave. W. was demolished on Wednesday. For a history of the building see: (Photo by David Carlos)
Before demolition. The Manor Hardware building. (Photo by by Marilyn Courtad)


  1. Finally! It appeared nothing was done to preserve the building as a historical landmark, so it had become an embarrassing eyesore. Not what we wanted folks to see as they entered Lynnwood from 196th. I’m sure the property can now be put to better use.

  2. A year ago when I wrote the story of the history of the old building, I was hoping to be here when it was finally demolished. It wasn’t to be. I was with my daughter in Monterey, California that morning, and received word of its razing while enjoying a sunny day looking out over the Pacific Ocean. Lynnwood lost some of its history, but when that history turns into an eyesore, it is time to begin a new era.

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