Meadowdale High School unveils new logo

Meadowdale High School, home of the Mavericks, has unveiled an updated logo that will now be used across all of the athletic teams, clubs and programs at the school.

In a statement, school officials explained that when Meadowdale shifted in 1999 from being the Chiefs (the original mascot at the school’s founding in 1963) to being the Mavericks, the school revealed a new logo. It was a galloping Maverick in front of an “M” as seen below.

“This logo, however, was never universally used and each program at MHS started to implement different logos,” the school said. “There has been growing motivation among the Meadowdale community for us to finally come up with a new logo that will be used by every sport, club, department, etc.”

The school worked with several local artists and narrowed the logo design to four options, which were presented to Meadowdale staff for a vote. More than 75 percent of those voting preferred the selected logo.

“We very much enjoy the modern, sleek, circular nature of this logo, which makes it versatile across the board for all out sports, clubs, and programs. We love how the artist incorporated an “M” into the neck of the horse, and we look forward to this logo being a sense of pride for the entire Meadowdale school community,” the announcement said.


  1. Well, I’m a Chief (1965), and I never liked the new name. That being said, I think the new logo is fantastic! Not being an artistic type (I was a wrestler, ya know), I can’t describe what’s so attractive about it. I just think it’s exciting, and I really like it.

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