Military Wire: Discovery Channel searches for next ‘American Tarzan’

"American Tarzan" competitors.
“American Tarzan” competitors.

Military vet Tim Reames is competing in a new Discovery Channel series called “American Tarzan,” which premiered earlier this week.

Unlike Spartan, which requires both individual and teamwork effort, “American Tarzan” features seven challengers who will attempt to conquer the island of Dominica – the first to do so will become American Tarzan.

The seven competitors will journey four distinct terrains; the jungle, coast, mountains and canyons, relying on their own survival skills and a few basic tools.

Tim, a Recon Marine who is now a government contractor, is competing to honor his friends who didn’t get to return home from the battlefield to their families.

He also wants to prove to all of his Special Forces buddies that Recon Marines always come out on top. (For those of us who are Navy guys, we all know who always comes out on top.)

American Tarzan takes competition to the next level – after kayaking through open water to reach the inhospitable island, the first challenge requires the participants to navigate a virtually impenetrable jungle filled with vines, roots and steep cliffs. Over the subsequent weeks, Tim and his fellow challengers traverse dense jungles, raging rivers and towering mountains, all while foraging for food to keep them fueled for the long and strenuous journey.

For those that enjoy the Survivor series and those who appreciate the athleticism highlighted in Spartan, American Tarzan marries the two premises and pushes each challenger to his or her limits while encouraging them to press on in order to claim the American Tarzan title.

Bottom line: Watch this new series every week on Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on the Discovery Channel. The show premiered on July 6, but you can rewatch the first episode online here. And while you watch, ask yourself “Are there new limits I can push myself to reach?”
Michael Schindler— By Michael Schindler

Michael Schindler, Navy veteran, and president of Operation Military Family, is a guest writer for several national publications, author of the book “Operation Military Family” and “The Military Wire” blog. He is also a popular keynote and workshop speaker who reaches thousands of service members and their families every year through workshops and seminars that include “How to Battle-Ready Your Relationship” or “What Your Mother-in-Law Didn’t Tell You.” He received the 2010 Outstanding Patriotic Service Award from the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs.

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