New bicycle stop law now in effect

Photo courtesy Cascade Bicycle Club.

As of Oct. 1, bicyclists can treat a stop sign as a yield sign when the coast is clear

According to this story from our online news partner The Seattle Times, bicyclists can treat a stop sign as a yield sign and roll through the intersection during light traffic, under a new Washington state law that took effect Thursday.

The change in law allows riders to stay on the seat, conserve some momentum and maybe help overall traffic flow.

“It’s a really intuitive maneuver. I’ve seen people do it. That’s why the law has been passed in recent years in a few different states,” said Vicky Clarke, policy director for Washington Bike.

You can read more in The Times story here.


  1. Why cant motorcyclists have the same rights? Motorcycles pay for license, gas taxes, all for road maintenance. Wear helmets, bikes dont yet they have head injuries we pay for? Stupid law that will kill many bike riders as they are as irresponsible as any other road user. At least make bikes pay for license, user fee, or at least Wear a helmet!

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