North Lynnwood QFC will close March 7

The North Lynnwood QFC at 17525 Highway 99 will shutter for good on March 7. It has been serving customers in this location since 1995.

Shoppers in north Lynnwood will have one less grocery store to choose from next month, when the QFC at 17525 Highway 99 closes its doors for good on March 7.

Signs announcing the store closing and upcoming storewide sale went up Monday.

Signs have just been installed in the store informing customers of the closing, and announcing a storewide sale of up to 40 percent off beginning Feb. 19.

The store has been a neighborhood fixture for decades, even providing an on-site post office. According to spokesperson Kelly McGannon, the store was originally part of the locally-owned Olson’s chain, but has been a QFC since 1995 when Olson’s was acquired by the Kroger Company. The store provides more than 90 jobs in the community.

“We’re strongly committed to taking care of our associates,” McGannon explained. “We owed it to them to be sure that they knew about the store closing before the public announcement, and all  have been offered jobs in other QFC and Fred Meyer locations.  No one will lose their job over this.”

As of now, McGannon has no word on what the future holds for the QFC or the neighboring stores in the strip mall.

– Story and photos by Larry Vogel

  1. Hate losing the Post Office. The apts and mobile home park along 176th East of Hwy 99 will surely miss a grocery store. Haggen’s Top Foods – Hey, you hear this?!.

    1. Grocery Outlet makes sense as a new tenant if the one on 44th has to vacate for the Link. At least their prices are better. Selection has improved. But the need for a satellite Post Office there is great.

    2. As others have commented, I, too, am saddened this QFC will no longer be available. It has served the community well and the staff are so friendly and helpful, they have become friends! I have lived across the street from this ‘small mall’ for 45 years when the grocery store was Olsen’s. How convenient it has been. Now no longer the young one of 45 years ago and with some disabilities, the convenience to get to the store has been so welcome. And the post office! Oh, my – so convenient than going and often having to stand in long lines at the Lynnwood post office. I am most grateful the staff (probably in more shock than we customers) have been re-located. That is the one positive I see in this unexpected change.

    1. No gas station is not closing. Only store is closing. QFC on 196th st will manage this gas station. You will see same employees working in gas station plus some new.

      1. Why is it closing it doors for foot though, QFC in my mind dominate the unSAFEWAYS – SAVEWAYS what-have you! I; Jordan can only hope that that location will be the only store closing!! I hope, l hope, etc…!

      2. Oh that’s good news about the gas station at least! Do you know where you’ll be working Munisha? I’m bummed the store is closing though! This is Brendon

        1. Kroger is making a big mistake. Anyone who knows the area will know how many locals are served by this location. Lots of walkers and people with limited transportation. Put out the red carpet for another grocery company to quickly fill this spot. And KEEP THE POST OFFICE. It is essential and needed!

  2. Really why get ride one of the better grocery store
    why what’s the reason can’t be money There busy all the time
    That sux

  3. Sad to see you guys go. Been shopping there for almost as long as the store existed. You guys have done an excellent job serving the neighborhood and were there for us through all of the important events we’ve experienced living in the area. I wish you all luck!

  4. Is this article on a word diet?

    Skipping over the acquisition/merger history actually weakens the story. It would be fitting to mention the Olson’s/QFC merger, the Fred Meyer purchase of QFC and subsequent buyout of Fred Meyer by Kroger. Sad to see one of the original Olson’s stores go, there is a lot of local history there.

    1. This is a wonderful local news site which covers a wide range of topics with a small staff. If you have something to say, write a letter to the editor! It’s vacuous of you to lambaste the writer for not including the dull history of corporate mergers.

  5. Well dang, I’ll sure miss these folks. They have really been great over the years. I stop in every few days on my way home from work, so convenient, great hours too. I hope I see them in other local stores. One time, my wife left a purse in the cart with a large amount of cash. (she was going to go to the bank to deposit it) Well she didn’t realize till some time later and wasn’t sure where it was. Fortunately they put it in the Safe and made sure it was returned by contacting us via Mail. Well Done!!

  6. QFC filled a need and was convenient for locals willing to pay the price: by superficial “upscale” marketing, QFC way overcharges for most items that are available at sister company Fred Meyer, as well as other markets.
    Haggen/TOP Foods, recommended above, (and yes Safeway sucks too) is an even worse offender with a terrible business model who couldn’t keep their nearly empty store open in MLT (or Edmonds?) further south on 99, now an always-busy WINCO.
    Hopefully the space will be put to even better or more interesting/creative use.

  7. I am really saddened by this. I have shopped this location for 40 years, from the time it was Olsons. I have come to know and love most of the employees. Personally, I feel like this is a case of landlord greed. These days, it seems as if money takes precedence over people. I don’t like thinking that way, but it seems to be a thing these days. I don’t like the fact that Cliffhangers is closing also. Have been to many great gigs there. Money is the root of all evil, the evil being the landlord inthis case. Really going to miss my QFC!!!

  8. I have lived in the area for over 11 years and love this store, not only for the convenience, but also the friendly people who work there.
    Stop by in the morning to get a coffee and pick up a salad for lunch at work. Then drop by after work as it is on my way home.
    Can’t imagine why the lease would not be renewed after all this time.
    I have a feeling that more apartment buildings will going up. Big disappointment!!

  9. The crime at this store has gotten so bad Krogers decided to pull out. Lynnwood needs more law enforcement. Shop at Grocery Outlet, the crew there is awesome and it is close to the police station.

  10. I am sad to see this store leaving. Although the prices were not the best, it is convenient, particularly the post office. And their customer service is great. Grocery Outlet is of course a good option to replace QFC. Their prices are much better although they don’t have the selection QFC has.
    Also, the convenience store Quick Pantry down 52nd Avenue has also closed. I hope Lynnwood recovers from all this. Didn’t know about the crime rate there.

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