One family’s search for a cabin in Italy explored at Sno-Isle Genealogy Society’s Nov. 1 meeting

Janet Bruckshen

Janet Bruckshen will be the speaker at the Sno-Isle Genealogy Society’s Wednesday, Nov. 1 meeting, telling the story of searching for her mother’s summer cabin in Italy.

Bruckshen is the youngest of five girls born to Marie Malgesini who immigrated from Mese, Italy in 1938. The family left behind property and loved ones in their hurry to flee the rule of Benito Mussolini. She will share the story of the family’s journey to the states and her and her sisters’ quest to return to Italy and find the cabin her mother cherished.

Bruckshen is the executive director of Washington Vocational Services, a not-for-profit organization that provides employment and community services to individuals with disabilities. She has been in the field for over 40 years, following in the footsteps of her mother, who was one of the first placement specialists in the state of Washington.