Passenger bays will close at Lynnwood Transit Center starting Aug. 1

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The A passenger bays will be closed starting Aug. 1. (Image courtesy Community Transit)

If you take a bus out of the Lynnwood Transit Center, your route could be relocated to a new bay starting Aug. 1 as the passenger bays are repainted.

Work is expected to last approximately two months.

The A Bays will be the first to be painted, which is expected to take two weeks, though it could take slightly more or less time.

Once the A bays are completed, work will start on the B bays. Bus reassignments will be posted when that work begins.

Other details to note:

  • Bays will be painted by row in alphabetical order: A, B, C, D and E.
  • Each row of bays will take approximately two weeks to be repainted. During painting, the bay areas will be fenced off.
  • More information about this project, including an aerial view of the transit center bays, is available here.
  • While passenger bays are closed, buses serving those bays will be reassigned to another bay at the transit center. The bay reassignments will be posted at the stops and are listed below.
  • Because some bay reassignments may be on the other side of the transit center, please arrive earlier than usual to catch your bus.For your safety, use the two crosswalks when crossing the transit center loop, especially when emerging from between fenced areas.

Bus Bay Reassignments

Route Bay Assignment
421 Northbound Bays E1 and E2 *
422 Northbound Bays E1 and E2
810 (UW) Bays E1 and E2
821 (UW) Bays E1 and E2
855 (UW) Bays E1 and E2
Dial-a-Ride (DART) and
KC Metro Access
Bays E3 and E4 **

* Routes 421 and 422 going northbound, as well as UW Routes 810, 821 and 855 will serve Bays E1 and E2 on the southern end of the transit loop adjacent to the large parking lot. Please arrive earlier than usual to catch your bus.

** Dial-a-Ride (DART) and Access paratransit buses will serve Bays E-3 and E4.

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