Police Chief forms new Community Advisory Committee

Chief Tom Davis met with members of the Police Chief’s Advisory Committee for the first time on February 1, 2018. (Left to right: Rabbi Berel Paltiel, community member Wally Webster, former Mayor and community member Tina Roberts-Martinez, Pastor Jose Jimenez, Chief Tom Davis, business owner Jim Morino, Assistant School Superintendent Greg Schwab, community member and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commissioner Ihab Bouanani, and business owner Joe Fitch)

The newly formed Police Chief’s Community Advisory Committee is a part of Lynnwood Police Department’s continuing efforts to connect and engage with the community we serve. The committee is a diverse representation of Lynnwood’s residents, business owners, faith-based leaders, and educators. Members will be provided a detailed overview of the inner workings of the Lynnwood Police Department so they can gain a better understanding of how our agency operates.

Examples of discussion topics include public disorder crimes; identifying crimes that affect the quality of life for Lynnwood residents, visitors and the business community, effective public outreach programs and how to most effectively message and communicate with the public.

“Each member of the committee will contribute a unique perspective and experience that will help inform my decision making and strategy development to address key law enforcement and crime prevention issues that are facing our community,” said police chief Tom Davis. “This group of individuals all care deeply for our community and I’m looking forward to working together to insure Lynnwood continues to be a safe, welcoming and equitable community for all.”

The Police Chief’s Community Advisory Committee will meet with Police Chief Tom Davis and other Department Staff on a regular basis. Members will also be invited to participate in official department events, assist during hiring and promotional processes and assist the department with additional outreach efforts.


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