Police seek leads in possible child-luring incidents near College Place Middle School

Edmonds and Lynnwood police are asking the public for help in identifying a person or persons who have approached children in the area of College Place Middle School after school was released in the past two weeks.

According to police, there have been three reports since Jan. 23, with Edmonds police investigating the two most recent ones. The school is located at 208th Street Southwest and 76th Avenue West, on the Edmonds/Lynnwood border.

The most recent incident occurred on Monday, Feb. 10 near 206th Street Southwest and 80th Avenue West. The suspect vehicle, described as a dark green ’90s, four-door Toyota, pulled up next to a 6th grade male and rolled down the window, but then quickly drove off. The driver was described as white male in his 30s with brown hair, a medium to overweight build and ripped clothing. There was also a passenger in the vehicle that was either a white male or female, who had bleached blonde, long matted hair that was darker on top. 

In an earlier Edmonds incident on Jan. 31, a 14-year-old female was approached by a green older sedan near 206th and 76th. This vehicle was described as having brown interior and was driven by a white male in his 30s, with light facial hair. This suspect reportedly motioned for the female to come over to the car, but she ran away. 

All three incidents have involved a green vehicle sedan-type vehicle. The Lynnwood incident, which was the first to have occurred, involved a green “newer” sedan. Police have also been working with the Edmonds School District.

“Investigators consider the behavior extremely suspicious and are actively working with the information they have,” Edmonds police spokesperson Sgt. Josh McClure said.

If you or your child see anything suspicious, call 911. If you have any information about the vehicle, or who was driving it during these incidents, call the Edmonds PD tip line at 425-771-0212 or email policetips@edmondswa.gov. 

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