Recommended Reads: ‘The Magic of Unicorns’ a delight for young and young at heart

The Magic of Unicorns, by Gina L. Grandi

What an enchanting Field Guide to Fabulous Creatures for the young and the young at heart. “The Magic of Unicorns” excites the imagination and engages young readers with stories joyfully authored by Gina L. Grandi and filled with delightful artistry by Ximena Jeria.

Just open the cover to join this amazing journey around the world discovering unicorns and exploring special secrets about their history, legends, habits and variety of powers and interests. Along the way you’ll also learn ways to find the magic of unicorns for yourself.

Did you know there are a big variety of unicorns around the world? They all look different and act different, but in their hearts they are each dear creatures with wondrous adventures. Now you can read about some of their incredible escapades. Enthusiastic, compassionate readers will also appreciate the descriptions of nature surrounding unicorns around the world on all kinds of different continents and ecosystems. This book shows not only information about magical unicorns, but also about their companions in nature including birds, insects, mammals, plants and more.

What is the best way to find unicorns in the world around you? This book suggests some practical ideas and activities that may just attract one of these elusive creatures to you. As the author says, “the world might look ordinary, but there could be something unexpected and wondrous just around the corner.”

The text of this book is readable by elementary-age readers. But I also encourage adults to seek opportunities to read this book out loud with children, enjoy the gorgeous pictures and ignite everyone’s imagination together.

The author, Gina L. Grandi, is also a teacher and theater professor who shares her passion for these magical, mysterious creatures and their mystical powers. She has taught elementary and high school students, and is a self-proclaimed Unicorn Scholar.

Ximena Jeria grew up expressing herself through illustration and treats us to such fun pictures throughout this wonderful book. She studied graphic design at the University of Valparaiso, Chile and has worked for many publishers and design agencies both in Chile and abroad. It’s so apparent how much Ximena loves drawing. As she says, “I am also bilingual (Spanish and English), and I guess drawing was my third language, one that summed up what I really wanted to say.”

Enjoy this book with a friend, and remember to celebrate National Unicorn Day on April 9 — or go ahead and celebrate every day. “Unicorn magic will bring you luck and happiness. Even if you haven’t seen one . . . yet.”

— By Wendy Kendall

Wendy Kendall is a writer, project manager, wedding officiant and volunteer at the Edmonds Library

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