Registration now open for City of Edmonds LEAP day camp for school children

Registration is now open for the Learning Enhancements and Activities Program (LEAP) distance learning day camp hosted by the Edmonds Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department.

The program, which starts Oct. 19, will provide a safe and supervised day camp setting that allows children to focus on their academic efforts while engaging in fun camp activities, the City of Edmonds said in a Tuesday announcement.

According to the city, safety is the top priority of camp; participants will be grouped with similar-age students into small learning pods and students will be assigned their own socially-distanced work space for the entire week within their assigned pod. Additional safety measures can be found on the City of Edmonds website under Parks and Recreation.

Recreation leaders will assist students with their distance learning each day. In addition, staff from the city’s Discovery Program and Arts & Culture Department will provide supplemental activities.

The weekly program fee is $300 per student for Edmonds residents and $345 for non-residents; fee waivers are available for Edmonds resident families who qualify for the Edmonds School District’s Reduced Lunch Program.

An application for fee waivers can be found in the Parks and Recreation section of or by calling the Edmonds Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services office at 425-771-0230. Fee waivers are given on first come-first serve basis. Spaces may still be available for fee waiver students even if the program shows as full.

The primary “pod” time is 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., with before care starting as early as 7 a.m., and after care until 6 p.m., which are available for no additional fee. Registration for the program is available over the phone at 425-771-0230 or online. For additional information or to register visit


  1. Science is real.
    The teachers and administration laid out their arguments, sources and objections to in person activities. Subsequently, it was decided in person learning was too dangerous to occur. This is outright contradictory to what doctors and the health department has mandated. The camp counselors can’t counsel from a body bag!!! This will no doubt cause a spike in cases in our community. It sounds like the City is attempting to carry out something the School District won’t: risking imminent death. Science is real, but whose science are we to believe?

  2. The science is real, it just does not say to close the schools, that has been a political and power decision driven by the union bosses.

    List all the teachers that contracted Covid in the classroom January 1st through April 1st (March 17th close down plus 14 day incubation period) while we had schools open with little precaution. Now list all the teachers and students that contracted Covid from April 1st until September 1st with the schools closed, want to guess which number is much higher?

    We are going through an inventing the wheel process that Europe already completed back in April and May. None of our concerns are different than what they faced when they decided to reopen. The community numbers do not dictate the school numbers and as they showed the feared school spread to the community simply didn’t happen as projected.

    None of the “school outbreaks” have been traced to classroom spread, its finding cases that occured outside the classroom. Without those places being opened the cases would have still happened we just would have not known about them. The science says it is good to find out about them instead of living in happy ignorance.

    The state saying 100+ daycare centers across the state can safely operate to do distance learning from their rooms shows you could have the same kids in the same groups in schools with a same level of safety. The reason we are not is politics with unions threatening to strike, not science.

    The teachers and students don’t live in a safe bubble except only when learning, being in a classroom is going to be a safer period of the day than they face at the beach, store, party, etc while not properly distancing.

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