Reminder: Lynnwood studios featured in Sept. 15-16 Edmonds Art Studio Tour

Bill Ray, Milky Way

The Edmonds Art Studio Tour is set for Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 15-16, with 30 artists at 15 locations stretching from north Edmonds and Lynnwood to southwest Edmonds.

Kathleen Moore and Bill Ray will be showing work at Moore’s studio, 16429 23rd Ave. W. in Lynnwood.

Ray’s photography is inspired by dramatic skies and water, day or night, maybe even with the Milky Way.

Sky and Beach, Kathleen Moore
Sky and Beach, Kathleen Moore

Moore paints with oil and soft pastel. She seeks to “capture moments of awe, from vast stormy skyscapes to the intimate amazement of a single flower.”

Barb Childs, Copper Raku Halibut

Well known local potter Barbara Childs will be showing work with sister Molly Winton (woodturner and potter), daughter Annie Childs (photography), and daughter Katie Childs (pointillism) at Childs Pottery Studio at 16611 63rd Ave. W. In Lynnwood. See more information in this article.

Lynn Hanson will host two additional artists at her home studio at 6513 183rd Pl. S.W. in Lynnwood:

Pamela K Beer, Let's Trek
Pamela K Beer, Let’s Trek

Pamela Beer works in acrylic and in mixed media and acrylic. From her artist’s profile:

“There is always a word, a person, or a feeling that calls to her at the beginning before the story fully forms. As each work develops through a process of layering and textures, structure and looseness, lights and darks; the visual dialog becomes stronger and the story solidifies.”

Lisa JonesMoore, Lo Sagrado

Lisa JonesMoore works in a variety of media but is particularly interested in encaustic. Here’s what she says – “ The very scent of molten beeswax gets me into the state of what I call ‘the other side’, or the creative process. Encaustic wax is a very tactile medium, warm and alive, not unlike human skin. The use of my hands and fingers directly on the wax surface becomes very much a part of my process.”

Here’s another article about Lynn Hanson.

The Edmonds Art Studio Tour runs from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Sept. 15-16. For a map and more information about all 30 artists, go to

— By James Spangler



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