Remus the dog found on Interstate 5, and how you can help

Remus is now at VCA Lynnwood after he was found on Interstate 5.

We wrote a story on Sunday alerting our readers about Remus, a dog who went missing near the Lynnwood Transit Center. At the time, that’s all we knew. Since then, we’ve learned more about Remus and his fate, and we wanted to share it.

According to Lynnwood resident Jennifer Aragaon, Remus — a 2-year-old Catahoula — belongs to her sister Ashleigh Simons, who lives in an apartment near the transit center. Remus escaped from the apartment last weekend and the sisters searched frantically to no avail — and that’s when Aragon contacted us.

On Tuesday, our collective hearts at Lynnwood Today stopped when we received a message from a reader named Alicia, telling us that she had observed Remus “jump from the off ramp in Lynnwood onto I-5. I am so sorry I don’t know if he survived.”

We forwarded Alicia’s email message on to Aragon, and waited with dread for her reply. Turns out, the news was better than expected — a Washington State Patrol Trooper, Jeff Helmer, had rescued Remus — alive but severely injured — on I-5, and rushed him to the VCA Alderwood animal hospital. Said Aragon:

“My sister (Ashleigh) called VCA Lynnwood on a whim and after exchanging pictures, we learned it was him on Sunday afternoon.

According to VCA, many people stopped to help Remus, but Trooper Helmer rushed to the scene and quickly brought him for emergency care at VCA. We were told that he was extremely kind and gentle with Remus and stayed with him until he was stable.

He severed a tendon in his paw, broke a couple of teeth and his hind-quarters are not working well. He’s not paralyzed, but he may not regain full use of his legs. He’s facing at least one surgery to his leg.

It should be mentioned that VCA Lynnwood took exceptional care of him even though he was apparently a “stray” (no collar). The impact from the trauma had dislodges Remus’ chip. They removed air from around his lungs, stablized his leg and made him comfortable.

So, he’s on the road to recovery thanks to the kindness of countless people that we don’t know. All the people that stopped to help him, all the people that have kept this random dog in their thoughts and hearts. They are our heroes.”

Remus 3Aragon noted that medical bills for Remus will total between $6,000 and $9,000, so she started a Go Fund Me page to assist.

“He’s not my dog, but my family will do whatever we can to support her (Ashleigh) and Remus,” said Aragon, noting that Remus often comes to visit the family and is “best buddies” with her 6-year-old son.Remus is still in the hospital. and was scheduled for leg surgery Wednesday, “and may be able to go home in two to three days,” she added.

Aragon notes that it is still a bit of a mystery how Remus ended up on I-5. The trooper assumed that he had been hit by a car, but it’s possible his injuries may have resulted from him jumping off the ramp, per Alicia’s report.

” We’d love to hear from others who may have seen what happened, so feel free to pass on my info,” Aragon said. Her number is  425-533-7846.

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