Restaurant review: Teriyaki Wok Express sets standard for deliciousness

Teriyaki Express is located at 18500 33rd Ave. W., across from Alderwood Mall. (Photos by Jennifer Mendez)

Our area has plenty of delicious, comparable Asian food choices pretty much everywhere you go. If you’re in the mood for udon, yakisoba, teriyaki, sushi, spring rolls, or pad Thai, there’s always an option close by.

And as delicious as that is, it can get a little mundane if you’re not careful. Too much of a good thing, and you become de-sensitized to it all. 

This happened to me, personally, after trying out what seemed like most places right here in Lynnwood. There were so many options for so long, that I just about tried them all. The egg rolls, the tuna rolls, the miso soup, you name it.

And yet…

There was one place I kept going back to over and over again. One place that never actually got old, no matter what I tried, for however long.

I woke up one day realizing that Teriyaki Wok Express was my unit of measurement. Anytime I tried a new place, I compared it. The rice, the noodles, the sauces… I wanted the same pleasurable experience that Teriyaki Wok Express offered me all the time, no matter what I ordered.

You see, the place — located on 33rd Avenue West across from Alderwood Mall — is homey. It’s perfectly decorated in a traditional fashion. It’s cozy, yet not too small. There’s always someone there. 

But most important, the host is always so kind and welcoming to everyone. She’s happy to give you your food, always available for questions, and she knows how to make light conversation or recommendations based on your own preferences. Go there enough, and she’ll know it’s you on the phone, calling for pickup.

The interior of Teriyaki Wok Express.

And the food? Well, let’s just call it heavenly. 

The tofu teriyaki is beyond all tastebud comprehension. Wide, square-cut tofu is battered and fried to crispy, golden perfection, then lightly sauced. Served with a side of white rice and extra sauce, it’s everything you could ever want for at least two solid meals.

And if you want to stick to the classics, this place is perfect. Beef and chicken teriyaki are both served with a generous portion of sauce, rice and a side salad. It’s all juicy, cooked to perfection, and strangely addicting. Despite being more than enough for two whole meals, you just might find yourself with a clean plate anyway.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Can’t decide what to get? Opt for a bento box. Served with a California roll, rice, and salad, there’s a version for everyone (chicken or steak teriyaki). It’s the perfect blend of savory and salty, with palette-cleansing pickled ginger. 

Basically, this place has it all. Udon, sushi, yakisoba, teriyaki — all the staples, all the time, all delicious. The prices range wildly, from cheap to slightly eyebrow-raising, but the portions make it worth the investment. You’ll eat at least twice from one order, or be able to share with a friend, easily.

So if you’ve never tried it, stop by Teriyaki Wok Express. Place your order, walk into the Home Goods next door while you wait, and rest assured, you’re in good hands

Teriyaki Wok Express
18500 33rd Ave W
Unit B
10 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Saturday
Noon-8 p.m. Sunday
— By Jennifer Mendez


  1. Try Ichis teriyaki near 148th Safeway sometime. Been going there for probably 20 years and still the same great food.

  2. I haven’t tried enough teriyaki places around Lynnwood, but mostly because I’m so spoiled living just down the street from the FABULOUS Martha Lake Teriyaki.

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