Reminder: 196th St SW Improvement Project drop-in information session Feb. 3

Before construction begins on the 196th Street Southwest Improvement Project, the City of Lynnwood invites the public to an online drop-in session Wednesday, Feb. 3 to learn more about the project and to ask questions.

At the construction drop-in session, the city says you will be able to:

  • Learn about how the project will help to accommodate future growth in Lynnwood’s City Center
  • Participate in a Q&A discussion
  • Learn about the project schedule and what to expect during construction

Online drop-in session details

Wednesday, Feb. 3, 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Click the link to join via Zoom:

The 196th improvement project plans to widen the roadway running from the Lynnwood Convention Center at 36th Avenue West to Fred Meyer at 48th Avenue West from five lanes to seven. Plans also include adding a landscaped median and 12-foot-wide sidewalks. The additional lanes on each side of the road will accommodate left- and U-turn lanes as well as bus use.

The 0.7-mile stretch of road is located in Lynnwood’s City Center district, which is the epicenter of the city’s designated regional growth center. The area is being planned as a downtown hub and will include apartment and office buildings. The project coincides with the future Sound Transit Lynnwood Link light rail station and the city’s plans to make Lynnwood a transit-friendly city.

The project is expected to cost $37 million, with $17 million coming from state and federal grants as well as Washington State Department of Transportation.

As one of the busiest highways in Snohomish County, 196th Street Southwest carries thousands of vehicles a day. This corridor is home to hundreds of businesses, a major transit center, and a future light rail station. Planned improvements are designed to reduce traffic congestion, better accommodate bus and transit travel, increase business access and promote safety.

Project improvements include:

  • Street and pedestrian lighting
  • Conversion of overhead power and utilities to underground
  • New traffic signals
  • Planted medians
  • Wider sidewalks and landscape features
  • New business access and transit (BAT) lanes
  • New storm drainage, water quality and flow control services

Typical construction hours are weekdays, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., with weekend and night work. The city says it will coordinate with businesses, residents and commuters who may be affected and will provide advanced notification and detour information as needed.

Expected construction impacts include:

  • Noise and vibration
  • Street and/or lane closures and detours
  • Dust and debris
  • Construction staging and parking impacts near the work sites
  • Crosswalk and sidewalk closures and detours for people walking and biking

Work is scheduled to begin in winter 2021 and to be completed in winter 2023.

  1. Planted medians, why? Have yet to see any of them taken care of from Everett to Seattle over the past ten years. They become an eye sore of weeds and trash. Would seem much smarter to use the space to aid the congestion that will still be there once completed.

  2. I agree with Ray… during these times do we really need to spend money on planting medians? Why are you WASTING MY TAX DOLLARS?

  3. Monday: 01/25/2021

    Ray & Sherryl! Wow! I ‘m Disappointed in your Imaginations!! – I see not only a Well Planted, Cared For and
    Colorful Median but also Flower Planters on the New 12 Food Side Walks. The Planted Medians will Change the
    “Industrial” Look of 196th to an Attractive & “Walkable” area . The Light Rail and New Residential Units will
    Attract A large # of Younger and Well Paid Residents to Lynnwood {Bigger Tax Base $$ Got It!!}. The New Residential Apartments Along with the 196th Improvements Make the Area a “Nice Place” To Live, Walk & Shop!!

    The “BOTTOM LINE” Is: If we want New Good Quality New Residents and To Keep the Folks we Have in
    Lynnwood We Will Have to Compete with other Communities and Seattle for them. A Wide, Colorful and Visually Compelling 196th is Part of The Future for Lynnwood.


    Mike Miller

  4. I frequently drive through this messy construction area several times a week. I love feeling my car smash up and down on the crappy poorly patched lanes of 196th. I see a little progress but in 6 months this project has been glacially slow. Huge irritating mess. Thank God I don’t live in that area. I predict this project will not end on time, just a feeling.

  5. This is going to be a nice improvement to Lynnwoods future downtown core.
    Planted planting strips over by the new Home Depot and Costco and around the mall are are great addition to that area. And are being well maintained by city staff.
    The plantings of street trees will cut down on the heat island effect produced by all the lousy asphalt and concrete placed to accommodate all the cars, their parking and traffic.

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