Scene in Lynnwood: Precision Tune building demolished

Precision Tune occupied 19610 44th Ave. W. for 40 years, closing last June. The auto shop has moved to its other location, at  9113 State Ave., in Marysville. The building was demolished as part of the city’s 196th Street Southwest Improvement Project.

The Lynnwood Square strip mall, located nearby, is smack in the formidable footprint of an upcoming 17-acre development that will feature 1,370 housing units, seven office buildings, retail stores, a movie theater, as well as the adjoining light rail station. The project is called Northline Village, and will change the face of Lynnwood in the next few years.

— Story and photos by David Carlos

  1. I think this is horrible. The traffic is already so bad in this area to add 3,000 new homes with no plans for traffic, schools and parking makes no sense. I know we will just raise taxes but there is never accountability for how the money is spent.
    Of course there is all the building around the mall as well.
    Where are all these people supposed to work? We don’t have public transportation in place that will support all of this. Light rail is over budget and it is light rail so it’s not expected to move that many people.

    1. watch the promo.
      It is condos on top of retail.
      The lifestyle is for those who don’t feel the need to go out very far.
      Not my style but maybe for younger generations.

    2. There is only one direction that the future goes…and that is forward. Growth is the wave of the future and you can’t have rising home values if you continue to live in Mayberry. Cash out refinancing only comes when people want what you got!! Them is the breaks.

      1. Little late for people to be complaining. When you see that giant orange notice sign is when to get involved. This is what happens. Companies pitch, officials confirm, the public is silent, and away it goes.

    3. Actually, this is the kind of development that cities need. The new housing is within walking distance of the new light rail terminal, very close to the Fred Meyers grocery store, and less than a block from the southbound I-5 entrance.

    4. I definitely agree with you on that. Traffic is already bad enough and it will only get more horrible. We don’t need to be like downtown Seattle or Bellevue. It’s already starting to get crowd in lynnwood

      1. Lynnwood is growing up. People are moving to the North West. About 15% increase per year from what I was reading.
        With good guidance by city planners and a responsible developer, with their investors it could be really nice.
        I heard the developer of this site was a party to the U-Village renovation and redesign.
        If that is where they are going with this development, great! U village style is one heck of a lot nicer than whats on that site currently in lynnwood.
        U village is a destination site. Like our Recreation Center. People come from all over to take their kids there.
        Lynnwood gets most of its revenue from retail and commercial activity. The more people come to Lynnwood the better for keeping our property taxes down.
        And people will have great access to get to work in Seattle, Bellevue or Everett via light rail + bus transit center, also a bicycle trail, library, senior center, freddies are close buy within walking distance.

  2. Without substantial road improvements, this project will put Lynnwood into a state of perpetual gridlock. This is a terrible idea.

  3. I’m all for adding new affordable housing but please add lots of parking. As much as we *wish* the light rail will cut automobile use down, the reality is they will bring their cars. The traffic lights all need tweaking as well! It’s already a mess at 33rd & Alderwood Mall Pkwy behind Costco, now add all the apartments & Home Depot!

    1. I lived almost lived 5 years in Lynnwood and it was very affordable to live here now its time to move as I am sure it will jack up the rents in this area, It’s already sky high now it will be beyond my capacity.

      Growth is good but there should be some limit to it for people like us who are already struggling with ends meet.

  4. I went to Precision Tune 1 time shortly after I moved to Lynnwood 20+ years ago so I can’t remember the details, but my takeaway was that the outfit at that time was not honorable or trustworthy thus I never went again. I think I even left a detailed bad Yelp review when I had an account. But wow they were there 40 years so my experience must have been in the minority.
    And what about that de facto entre to Lynnwood from I-5: the very tasteful, heart-swelling, patriotic vision of Miss Liberty doing her acrobatic sign-twirling dance at tax time for Liberty Tax? Always brought a tear or 2 to my eye!

    1. I heard they are going to make 196th Street 3 lanes each way from 44th to the freeway. It’s a good start but not enough. I also heard that Lynnwood wants to start building high-rise towers!

    2. I will miss the greenish Miss Liberty Tax costume person swinging and thrilling that sign.

  5. You got that right A. Levine!
    I literally changed my commute home to take 44th across 196th. Crossing my fingers that the light would be red.
    All for the pure joy of seeing Ms. Liberty dancing, twisting, shaking, stomping, boogy boogy & most importantly tossing the sign into the air.
    A honk & a wave always brought a thumbs up back to you.

  6. Disgusting……absolutely Disgusting, cities are just ok’ing these condo/ retail building and packing as many people in there as they can. Like sardines….absolutely Disgusting. It blows my mind how people are ok with there city governments building these pack rat dorms. People need space, and exercise, not to walk ten ft to the grocery store.

  7. As a homeowner, I’m really happy to see this old town grow and modernize. Not only will I have more shopping, better dining options but my property values is increasing as well. Precision tune was a terrible shop. That whole shopping center had been nothing but a massive failure for at least the twenty years I have lived here – a waste of space. Glad to see it all go away and excited to see the new development come in. And who care about a tax shop??

  8. Interesting that they plan to incorporate a movie theater there as the 2 at alderwood mall arent nearly as popular as they once were, before at home movie streaming services. I dont mind development in areas with space, but do you all remember 164th before the condos? Hopefully it doesnt gum up 44th too bad, I might have to start taking the carpool exit to avoid it…

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