Scene in Lynnwood: South County Fire focuses on outreach during Community Risk Reduction Week

County Fire Public Outreach Manager Shawneri Guzman (right) and Fire and Life Safety Educator Jennye Cooper (second right) hear input and ideas for Community Risk Reduction from firefighters at Lynnwood Fire Station 15 including (from left) Jeremy Kiniry, Ryan Holliday, Nicholas Tastad and Matthew Wier.

In honor of Community Risk Reduction Week Jan. 20-27, the South County Fire outreach team has been reviewing 911 call data.

Community Risk Reduction is a data-driven process to help communities identify their risks and develop a plan to reduce those risks that are viewed as high priority. South County Fire is one of 25 fire departments selected last year by the National Fire Protection Association to participate in a grant-funded pilot project on assessing community risks.

This week, the South County Fire outreach team has been meeting with station crews to get their input and ideas for outreach efforts related to risks in their response areas.

–Photo courtesy of South County Fire


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