Scene in Lynnwood: Too soon?


Signs of the holiday season are starting to appear at Alderwood Mall. Before Halloween. Before Thanksgiving. Even before National Square Dance Day (Nov. 29).

— Photos by David Carlos


  1. I love santa. all I want is santa. please stop campaigning against my claus.
    santa is supernatural. santa is my friend. I knew about him before I knew where I lived.
    please don’t diss on santa. you need to realize your issues and deal with them at home,
    not on the web. please don’t ask if santa came too soon. he will forever be the most
    important character in my story.

    please be nice… unless you want COAL.

  2. Christmas is best time of the year. Decorations can not go up to soon.
    Like all Christmas decorations. Like
    Christmas shopping at Alderwood Mall .


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